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  1. John, actually, there is. f you look at the last ticket in my WHMCS< you will see it has been 2 weeks I have been waiting ( and still waiting) for a reply. The average reply is about 2 days between basic ticket replies, and the replies are super basic, not even detailed replies. My experience is very different from 2012. When I first signed up it was amazing customer support, but now when I have a question about WHMCS, the ticket is assigned to novice coder and follow up is verbose replies deflecting all support queries. Really poor experience for me. 😕
  2. Who owns WHMCS? Where do we submit user feedback experience? How do we get in touch with the founder of WHMCS to express our experience?
  3. Yes, the Staff Online. Also the Client Activity widget
  4. How do I stop this from showing to anyone but the FULL ADMIN ?
  5. I have a few questions for someone with project management add on experience: https://docs.whmcs.com/Project_Management https://www.whmcs.com/project-management/ QUESTIONS 1. Does anyone know how to remove a task list? 2. Is there any way to make the task description viewable from the front end? How does a worker view the task detail from the front end of the site? https://www.mycart123.com/uploads/screenshot-23M6751.jpg Currently, only showing title: https://www.mycart123.com/uploads/screenshot-23M6761.jpg
  6. Here is what I want to do: Let's take an example of : RED DEPARTMENT BLUE DEPARTMENT GREEN DEPARTMENT and MASTER ADMIN SUBCONTRACTOR ADMIN (when a worker registers for an account, we do not want them to instantly have access to all projects and all tickets, we want them to see projects only if assigned, how do we set permissions for this scenario?) CLIENT (only see projects assigned to them) 1. The founder would like to be able to open tickets in BLUE DEPARTMENT, and give access to SUBS\CONTRACTORS. The founder wants to start sending tickets to a special email address like projects@ ....which will create a ticket in a BLUE department, and any worker who registers for WHMCS and has their role edited to SUBCONTRACTOR will be able to see the tickets inside of the BLUE DEPARTMENT 2. BLUE DEPARTMENT MUST NOT BE SEEN BY CLIENTS ON FRONT END 3. We would like BLUE DEPARTMENT to be seen by SUBCONTRACTORS on front end. Is it possible as the master admin to create like a department which is hidden from view of CLIENT ? 4. After SUBCONTRACTOR registers, and AFTER they are role edited into SUBCONTRACTOR, they will see list of open tickets. NONE of these tickets will have CLIENT on them. These tickets are going to be simple task tickets like "Write 500 Article About Real Estate" etc, and then if SUBCONTRACTOR will CLAIM one of the tickets, then it needs to disappear from the BLUE DEPARTMENT list and be automatically shuttled over to a different department like IN PROGRESS or something? Then the ticket will become private between MASTER ADMIN and SUBCONTRACTOR Does that make sense? I need to know how to set these roles and permissions to create these scenarios? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  7. I have Project Management Add On installed. I want to know how to change the role of a client who registered on my WHMCS via the standard way a client would be registering? How do I mark them as a certain role group? Ultimately, my goal is to try to open a project, and then the only thing is I don't want the client to see the worker on the ticket, I want those tickets by the worker to be hidden from view of the client, but I want the ticket to be associated with the project still.
  8. We just purchased the WHMCS Project Manager module, and 8 modules from http://www.ModuleGarden.com and I need to find a WHMCS wizard to help me install them and do user experience testing? Please skype chat me at SMARTCHOICEWEB I will be working all weekend on this and really need an expert to assist me. Thanks!
  9. We need an expert in www.WHMCS.com to help us with configuration / customization. 1. Have you ever customized WHMCS? 2. Do you have a link to any WHMCS you have worked on? (not required but helps) 3. Do you have experience with CPANEL and Migrating Wordpress Accounts from Godaddy to Siteground? We are primarily a web design company, and we are actually offering web hosting, sometimes at no cost, it is not our primary business. We use WHMCS mostly for the billing features, but we would like to also be using this for the subcontractors we work with, and the designers keeping track of hours inside of projects. Below are some of the important features we are looking for: NON CLIENT SIDE, BUT INTERNAL WORKFLOW NEEDS: -ability for admin to post a ticket about a task that needs to get done -worker can see ticket and "claim" ticket, and when that happens, the ticket will become visible to only that one worker and the admin. -Need to be able to share sensitive password information on project board, but need granular user account control over visibility of login details. -worker should be able to record time in project, but we do not want client to see worker contact details. Does anyone know if the above can be accomplished by default with the WHMCS PROJECT MANAGER ? or does MODULE GARDEN CRM have this ability? We need to hire a consultant who can help us with some of these integrations, if you can please answer the following questions, and send them via skype to SMARTCHOICEWEB
  10. We need to install either the default WHMCS CRM or the one by Module Garden. Do you know the difference between these two WHMCS CRM: https://www.whmcs.com/project-management/ https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/1206
  11. Can anyone here help me create a script which will 1 Click format FTP / WP Logins into text notepad, or via email? Every time I create a WP account, I would like the login information to go into the email. Also, I would like to be able to click a button from the panel, and have this information be 1 click copy and paste, like this: ############Wordpress Website Logins: WP Admin Dashboard: WP Username: WP Password: ###########sFTP URL (Hostname): IP ADDRESS: sFTP Username: sFTP Password: Port: 22#########PHP MY ADMIN Database: Username: Password: ##########
  12. Can anyone here help me create a script which will 1 Click format FTP / WP Logins into text notepad, or via email? Every time I create a WP account, I would like the login information to go into the email. Also, I would like to be able to click a button from the panel, and have this information be 1 click copy and paste, like this: ############ Wordpress Website Logins: WP Admin Dashboard: WP Username: WP Password: ########### sFTP URL (Hostname): IP ADDRESS: sFTP Username: sFTP Password: Port: 22 ######### PHP MY ADMIN Database: Username: Password: ##########
  13. I have a completely new install of WHMCS with 0 clients. I have 98 clients in a CSV file with these columns first_name | last_name | email Email FirstName LastName Company Address1 Address2 City State/Province Zip/PostalCode Country Phone Can anyone advise if there is a script or what I should do in phpmyAdmin to import these into my WHMCS please? Is it possible someone can do a video "specifically for WHMCS" which shows how this would be done? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hey Everyone. I am just getting started with WHMCS, and I need to find a WHMCS Expert who can walk me through the Project Management add on, and help me customize it to meet the needs I have. Is anyone able to recommend a skype ID or a email of someone I can contact? Thanks!
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