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  1. This was resolved by support. Since my posts usually are moderated for a day + I wrote them and asked. I just had to add use mysqli to the beginning of the file then laravel let me use it.
  2. I'm using WHMCS and WBTeamPro as a project management tool. Our old project management tool isn't exactly friendly for exporting and importing, so instead of doing that, i'm writing a module that adds a tab to each clients profile where you can click the link to view the past projects, tasks and time logs directly from that systems database. I swore off PHP years ago in favor of Python, so i'm a bit out of practice. In my module config i'm collecting the usual DB connection information, and then trying to pass it to mysqli to connect to the remote database from within the module/lib/Admin/controller.php file. For some reason I get an error: "Error: Class 'WHMCS\\Module\\Addon\\activecollabdisplay\\Admin\\mysqli' not found in /home/www/....." At first I thought maybe mysqli isn't installed. So I took at look at the php info and it shows it is enabled. Any hints or suggestions on how I can make this happen? Thanks!
  3. Hello my name is Brandon. I've toyed around with WHMCS a couple times over the last couple years but have just now started to actually sit down and make it work. I'm a nerd by day, jiu jitsu competitor and programmer by night. Which I guess means i'm a nerd all the time. My skills don't lie with PHP, I stopped using it YEARS ago in favor of Python and the Django framework. Most of my posts will end up in the developer community as I work to extend WHMCS to my needs.
  4. We are migrating to WHMCS from ActiveCollab and i'm trying to get the client data pulled over. I started writing a script tonight to pull the records and using the API insert them into WHMCS. The issue i'm running into is according to the API documentation there are several required fields of data I don't have. ActiveCollab doesn't store address, city, street, zip and country. Is there any type of work around where I can get these clients in without that data and without mass filling incorrect filler data? Thanks!
  5. Welcome to WHMCS.Community BillDjango! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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