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  1. Our standard WHMCS install process involves: (1) Having config.php in our whmcs crons directory have a $whmcspath pointing to the account's public_html directory (we keep the crons folder out of public_html) (2) Placing "php.ini" and ".user.ini" files with "date.timezone=Our/Timezone" in ~/public_html This is for when we target deployment on a Cloudlinux/cPanel/php-fpm system. We use a cron command like: "*/5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/ea-php72 -c ~/public_html -q /home/username/path/to/crons/cron.php" Until we took all of the above measures, we were having a number of issues. PHP version weirdness issues were one of them (due to cron using a different php version), but having the php.ini/.user.ini files with the correct timezone was also important to solving some of our problems. For example, support tickets were displaying an incorrect incorrect timestamp - this was because the PHP pipe script didn't have the same php timezone configuration as the main WHMCS interface. All of this was incredibly frustrating/time consuming/poorly documented, with lots of conflicting information. We had to do a lot of trial and error before settling on both "~/public_html/php.ini" and "~/public_html/.user.ini" as being the reliable solution. Depending on the specific cPanel PHP configuration, it seems there's are a number of different ways that PHP configuration needs to be provided. This seems very much in the same spirit as the cron command line stuff, so it might be something you consider looking at as well.
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    Explain GoCardless workflow

    When the "Payment Pending" status was added for invoices, it was only added in some places in the admin area. The invoice statuses under "List All Invoices" in the left panel doesn't include that status, and the Billing->Invoices menu drop down doesn't include those invoices either. You really have to know what you are doing & know that you need to look right now when you want to find invoices in Payment Pending status. E.g. going to "List All Invoices" then doing a custom search for that invoice status. All the other invoice statuses are displayed elsewhere, so.. it's easy for an invoice to get "lost" or go unnoticed in the current UI. It would be great to see the "Payment Pending" status included as an option in all the places where other invoice statuses are included.
  3. We are required to charge sales tax, but we do not request a tax ID. This is common throughout both the US & Canada. The field needs to be hidden in any client facing page, but it would be fine to still have it be present in the admin area. The only circumstance here where we would ask for a tax ID would be if someone had a special tax exemption. But that would be a different type of tax ID than what tax ID would mean to most people. It's a very rare situation - it's never something we've done so far. I suspect this is out of scope for your current project, but it would also be helpful in the future if we could mark level 1 vs level 2 tax for specific products. We have to charge both level 1 & level 2 taxes on what we are currently selling, but there are other things we'd like to sell for which we would need to charge only level 1 tax.
  4. Hi John, we use WHMCS as both a billing and a support ticketing system. We've done heavy API integration - e.g. when a user creates an account in our system, an account is automatically created in WHMCS for them. We have lots of users with group plans, e.g. one user with a subscription in WHMCS might also mean that 100 other "inactive" users have a subscription. We accept support tickets & provide direct customer support to every end user, even though many of the end users have someone else paying for them. The "inactive/active" distinction works fine for us with our current automation settings when what we are looking for is knowing "who is a direct paying customer", but that's not the full story for us.
  5. We access inactive accounts more frequently than we do our active accounts! It would be a real hassle to need to set the 'search inactive too' flag every time we log in. Please ensure there's an option for people to continue with the current behaviour.
  6. We are outside the EU and have no need/desire to collect any tax IDs from our customers. We wouldn't want our customers thinking that we are requesting their tax ID - tax ID numbers are considered sensitive here, and we have no reason to collect them.
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