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  1. Contact is not logged in. The client makes an order, and set one of his contacts to be registrant of some service (exaple: registrant of some domain). This selected contact in my shopping cart, is the right contact ūüôā I have access to all contacts of that client in my shopping cart, also I can access to them via query in my hook, but I need to catch the id of selected contact from my shopping cart (by client), and send to my custom make hook.
  2. I have tried with the options 1 and 2, but I still did not find a right solution. 1) Using the variable $vars from my hook, I get information for client's details, not to contact's details. 2) If I make a query to connect to my db, I get a list of all contacts by that client I'm searching for. But what I need is a specific contact id from that list of contacts (I would like to pass that ID from my website to specific hook), so I can access to the right contact.
  3. Hi guys, I'm using WHMCS for a long time, but now I have a little problem with my custom written hook. Practically, I would like to get subcontact id (read contact id) in my hook via $_SESSION or something like that. I get user id with $_SESSION['uid']. How can I make that for contacts? Any solutions? Best regards, Sandra
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