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  1. eliasaphram

    WHMCS payment issue - shows my card info

    I have now submitted a ticket and hoping that this will get solved, thank you all for your time and help!
  2. eliasaphram

    WHMCS payment issue - shows my card info

    Im not able to open a ticket, as i've got a license through a2hosting reseller. I tried to do so, but i couldnt find any way to do it.
  3. eliasaphram

    WHMCS payment issue - shows my card info

    No i havent updated any credit card info on any client. When i saw that my card info was visable i whent to my account and deleted the card info. But its still there when clients logs in. This is happening when a cient click on the invoice that is emailed out to them, and im using the github autoaut. So they are getting to the correct invoice, but when clicking "pay with card" they get to invoice #30 every time.
  4. eliasaphram

    WHMCS payment issue - shows my card info

    The same thing happens when i use the six template. I have only changed the css of the checkout window to look more like stripe. No other add-ons as far as i know. Im only using stripe and other built in modules for domain registration.
  5. eliasaphram

    WHMCS payment issue - shows my card info

    IM using the built in Stripe module. IM using autoauth on the invoice, bur as i Said they get to the right invoice bur when clicking pay now they get forwarded to another invoice. my customers experienced it themselves, and then when i sent in from their Mail the same happened.
  6. Im having issue with my whmcs payment procedure. The invoice are being sent correct, and my customers can open it and proceed to payment site. As payment gateway im using Stripe. Now the issue is that on the payment site, the ammount are being changed to an invoice i've payed myself as an test. And not only that, but my credit card info are also there. I would be very thankful to get some help with this! Kind regards, Elias
  7. Im trying to use Githubs version of AutoAuth: https://github.com/JonTheWong/whmcs-autoauth-invoice I've followed the steps in the description, but are getting wrong login credentials error. Below you can see the different steps and the code that i have; To install this script you need to place all files in your root directory of WHMCS example: /home/user/public_html/domain/whmcs/ Generate a hash and enter it in configuration.php above the last ?> $autoauthkey = "REPLACE-WITH-SYSTEM-KEY"; Also include it into the script. You can generate a hash using; openssl rand -hex 32 on linux. Then add this value to the top of your email template; {assign var='hash' value=$client_email|cat:"REPLACE-THIS-PART-WITH-SECRET-KEY"} Then add this link anywhere in your email template. Login Auth: {$whmcs_url}lauth.php?email={$client_email}&zmkey={$hash|md5} Invoice Auth: {$whmcs_url}iauth.php?email={$client_email}&invoice={$invoice_num}&zmkey={$hash|md5} Quote Auth: {$whmcs_url}qauth.php?email={$client_email}&quote={$quote_number}&zmkey={$zmkey|md5} Notes Quick not for version 7+ Due to security settings, you have to modify configuration.php and add the following code to the bottom, above the last ?> $smarty_security_policy = array( 'mail' => array( 'php_modifiers' => array( 'md5', 'time', 'sha1', 'urlencode', 'header', ), ), ); In the config file: $hash = "302BEA0FDBC6ADB8F8A25919318B532D"; $autoauthkey = "Correct_password"; $smarty_security_policy = array( 'mail' => array( 'php_modifiers' => array( 'md5', 'time', 'sha1', 'urlencode', 'header', ), ), ); ?> In the iauth file: <?php /* Created by JonTheWong @ Zenith Media Canada - www.zenithmedia.ca Visit our public repo - https://github.com/JonTheWong/whmcs-autoauth-invoice */ $whmcsurl = "https://www.webbsnacks.se/whmcs/dologin.php"; /* replace with your url */ $autoauthkey = "Correct_password"; /* same as in configuration.php */ $secretkey = "A_new_key_generated"; /* generate a new key for this script */ if (md5($_GET['email'].$secretkey) != $_GET['zmkey']) die('Något fel har skett, vänligen kontakta oss på info@webbsnacks.se för att gå vidare.'); $email = $_GET['email']; $timestamp = time(); $hash = sha1($email.$timestamp.$autoauthkey); $goto = "viewinvoice.php?id=".$_GET['invoice']; $url = $whmcsurl."?email=$email&timestamp=$timestamp&hash=$hash&goto=".urlencode($goto); header("Location: $url"); exit; ?> Do anyone know what the issue might be? Since im not getting the "die" text, there should be nothing wrong with the hash, correct?
  8. eliasaphram

    Swish - payment module

    Hello, Im trying to find an easy way to integrate Swish payment gateway to WHMCS. Is there any easy way to do so, any complete module that i can use? Or do i have to create the gateway myself using the manual for this from WHMCS? Kind regards, Elias
  9. creditcard.tpl
  10. Hello, I would like to change the design on the page where ny customers comes to from the invoice email. When i put an order, my customer gets an email with the order and another for the invoice, from witch they can pay directly. But the page they come to, isnt that good looking, according to me atleast. I would like to change the design. Im using Stripe Gateway and i've been in stripes own site and found 5 examples, toke on of them and got the css and javascript file. So my question is, how can i change the design from the one wmhcs are using today, to the one that i want to use (example)? https://stripe.dev/elements-examples/ css in whmcs.css js in whmcs.js example css.txt example javascript.txt
  11. That was correct, i dont know why but my provider made my account get a "permission denied" to enter api tokens and manage them from WHM. Now im getting the error: {"package":[]} I have 4 different packages in WHM but WHMCS still not able to collect them.
  12. Hello @WHMCS ChrisD This is the error that im getting in response when i tried it out: {"status":0,"statusmsg":"Permission Denied"}
  13. Hi, Im having problem with signups, my customers can buy and pay for their package, but wont get any account through WHMCS. Im getting the error: Module Create Failed - Service ID: 6 - Error: Product attribute Package Name "webbsnac_test" not found on server When im setting up a product and i choose cPanel as module, im not getting any of the packages that ive set up in WHM. But when i test the connection im getting "Successful". My domain are webbsnacks.se and the WHMCS page are webbsnacks.se/whmcs from where im trying to create and account with the package webbsnac_test.
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