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  1. Argentina it is. I'm seeing probably I will need to charge more taxes then. So I'm trying to figure out how I could handle this. Taxes are based by products and conditionally by customer type. So it is possible to invoice item with different taxes, and possible 3 or 4 taxrates (3,5%, 10,5%, 21% and 27%). So I think, I would need an addon module to handle product own taxes, adding then different new taxesrates columns to tblinvoices, or maybe better on a new referenced table for upgrade purposes, and lot of hooks to calculate taxes/subtotal/totals and calling api to modify invoice before email sent... I hope some day to see that finished and working :/
  2. Thanks brian! for the info. There is no addon for this. They have some tax manipulation for other countries. I will take a look on that approach.
  3. Thanks for your reply brian! I understand what you mean about PF. So if I understand correctly to get a complete handle of taxes on my own (plan to use 2 taxes levels, but switched by customer condition, not country), is not possible to change tax value on var permanently to be then generated with that value on invoice right? So I just could change output to screen on each page and then After invoice generated change on db on invoice... Would be that right approach? Thank you
  4. Based on topic above, I'm trying to handle tax values on my own (different in my country) by permanently change value to array? From adding a product to cart or order,and maintain the value to the end of the process. Invoice with that tax too. Is it possible to set that way with Price Formatter ? How and where should I use that? Is there a better way to get that? Thanks for doing great community!
  5. Ciao Ricardo! I'm from Argentina and looking to solve a similar issue. Here products can have one or another rate %. It dependes on customer type. Could you share how did you solve your issue is solved? Thanks in advance!
  6. Sorry for late, but interested on this. Could you please you experienced guys share what should be the approach for doing this? Not really much experience with php and WHMCS, but tried to figured out based on official documentation. Should I let WHMCS first apply their rules, then calculate tax conditionally on a hook and and execute an API to modify the tax value? Don't get clear how would be showed on writed on DB. Will really appreciate if someone can give me some lights on this. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm looking for something like similar like this request below, but I need based on customer type too: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/specify-second-level-tax-on-specific-products-pst-is-not-charged-on-every-product-in-bc Where I live, taxes are based on products (3 kind of % taxes possible) and type of client (3 types possible). I would need to evaluate (both cases to define how product/service tax will be calculated to be invoiced. I have a custom field for "type of client" value. I'll be glad to help on what you could need, so let me know if any more info needed to have a quotation. Thanks in advance all!
  8. Steven99, thanks for your reply. I got what you say, but basically I don't like how info is showed and treated. An IP phone would be an "add on" to the product (virtual pbx), so is like an optional on how many phones customer wants with that pbx. Using custom fields is limited on format info it support (I want like a table), and it need to be variable depending on how many phones customer wants. Based on image attached, I really would like have something on a simple view like this one, and on "Addons" section (marked in red) I really would like to have a table, one line per phone with all the info there in one view. Regards on how info is completed I liked your idea. I can have a table or another DB (what do you recommend?) with phones in stock, and the info NEEDS to be completed manually. choosing phones available on stock table/db. So in that case I would need to create a provision/server module right? And I need to "talk" with db with this right? https://developers.whmcs.com/advanced/db-interaction/ But how to modify Admin Area (and client area too) to show that kind of table? Could that be possible? Again, thanks in advance!
  9. Hi guys, I'll try to develop WHMCS for some things I don't have there yet. I'm not a developer so I would like if you can point me in the right direction and give me general basic tips on how I could achive what I'm looking for. I would like to modify products/services to be able to add more info to the product aquired. I tested custom fields already but very limited on what I'm trying to get. In my model, first I would like to have a table with different IP phones I have in stock, and each phone would have different info like brand, model & MAC address. Then when customer buy a product, be able handle a table on customer's product to automatically or manually assign the phones from stock table to customer's product table, and add some more info there, like user/pass for each phone. So I'm thinking more like a table associated to the product. With this I will not have to handle a spreadsheet besides WHMCS. How do you recommend to achieve this? Do I need to modify DB schema? add a table to DB? How to handle that info and show it on products/services tab on a client? Thanks in advance for tips you can give me!
  10. Welcome to WHMCS.Community elkato! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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