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  1. happydog5954

    Invoicing Frustrations

    Thanks for the explanation, but the one feature the invoice system is sorely missing is the ability to review those " Invoice Selected Items" invoices before they are automatically emailed. A one click approach has got me into trouble more than once. A more sensible approach would be to have the invoice page open when that button is clicked, where we can review and/or edit the invoice and then click the Send Email button. That would bring great peace of mind rather than always wondering and worrying what was just sent out to the client. Thanks.
  2. happydog5954

    Invoicing Frustrations

    The WHMCS invoicing system just drives be batty at times. Today I added billable items for a client, and for each line item I tagged them as "Invoice as Normal for Due Date" and set the Next Due Date below that to 14 days from now. And then when I viewed the list it properly reflected every item tagged as "Invoice as Normal for Due Date. There is a button at the bottom that says "Invoice Selected Items", so I checked all of the line items and clicked the button. The invoice was sent but for the Due Date it had today's date instead 14 days from now! What is the point of tagging every line item with "Invoice as Normal for Due Date" when it's always sent out with today's date? This is extremely confusing when the words "Invoice as Normal for Due Date" is clearly visible next to every line item on the same page as the "Invoice Selected Items" button. Arrghh! Greg
  3. happydog5954

    Don't send invoice wwhen autorenew enabled?

    I realized that all i needed to do is disable the "Credit Card Invoice Created" email template. Duh. You can delete this post. Greg
  4. IMHO, I think receiving three emails is a bit excessive when a domain or other product is renewed. The "Invoice Generated" email really isn't needed when it's automatically paid on the spot, and that invoice is just plain rude with the big red UNPAID marked across the top. I've removed the Unpaid section, which is slightly better, but I don't want to send the UNPAID Invoice at all when it is immediately followed by another one marked PAID. Is there a hook I can add that will block the sending of the UNPAID invoice when autorenew is enabled? Thanks, Greg
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