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  1. How do you think such program will help in this case? We're not talking about "files" here.
  2. OK I've found the culprit. One of the client has their language field in the database set to something like '2013-01-02 11:22:33' instead of 'English' or some other language. Don't know how or why this happened, but this caused the cronjob to throw a PHP exception (the Symfony Translator component when validating a valid locale name). This exception can only be seen if we run cron.php using arguments 'all -F -vvv'.
  3. Using the SQL query you wrote in SELECT * FROM `tblhosting` WHERE DATEDIFF(`nextduedate`, Now()) <= 30 AND `server` > 0 ORDER BY `nextduedate` ASC; also resulted in many rows (too many, in fact) being returned.
  4. Hi brian!, Thanks for commenting. Yes, there are renewal invoices that are supposed to be generated. I've also submitted a ticket to WHMCS Support. After Jan 3rd, all I'm seeing is in activity log related to renewal invoice generation is: | xxxx1 | 2019-01-13 17:00:09 | Automated Task: Starting Invoices | xxxx2 | 2019-01-13 17:00:30 | Automated Task: Starting Late Fees While in the previous day, it's something like: | xxxx1 | 2019-01-01 12:00:12 | Automated Task: Starting Invoices | xxxx2 | 2019-01-01 12:01:33 | Created Invoice - Invoice ID: xxxxxxx1 | xxxx3 | 2019-01-01 12:01:33 | Email Sent to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (New Invoice #xxxxxxx1) - User ID: xxxxxxx | xxxx4 | 2019-01-01 12:01:33 | Created Invoice - Invoice ID: xxxxxxx2 | xxxx5 | 2019-01-01 12:01:34 | Email Sent to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (New Invoice #xxxxxxx2) - User ID: xxxxxxx ... (lots of other invoices being generated) | xxx99 | 2019-01-01 12:04:37 | Automated Task: Starting Late Fees
  5. Renewal invoice generation on our WHMCS installation has stopped since Jan 3rd. Since then until today, there are 0 invoices generated every day. Cron jobs have been set to run every 5 minutes as instructed. The automation status page says Automation Status is OK (green), next daily task run is 23 hours (meaning the daily task has been run recently). How do I debug this? The activity log doesn't show anything that indicates problem. There are no suspicious hooks in includes/hooks/.
  6. What I want to do is to avoid duplicates getting created in the first place, obviously 🙂 BTW, I've also asked another WHMCS user that use pro-forma invoicing, but they do not seem to be having duplicates problem at all, so I'm a bit confused. Technically, duplicates can happen due to the lack of unique index in the database.
  7. Since this thread is closed: https://whmcs.community/topic/284653-clashing-paid-invoice-numbers/ I'm opening another thread. It seems that as of 7.6.1, WHMCS still does not create a unique index on tblinvoices(invoicenum). This makes it possible for duplicate invoice numbers to be created from time to time due to race condition. I'm contemplating adding the unique index for now. What do you guys think?
  8. Update: the problem is solved, via support ticket to WHMCS. It's not a bug, but a configuration issue. Setup > General Settings > Localisation > System Charset needs to be set to utf-8, not e.g. iso-8559-1.
  9. Hi brian! Thanks, I've submitted the support ticket. Yes, I've tested using the admin templates blend as well as v4, the problem happens on both.
  10. This issue might have something to do with the rich text editor. We also experience empty content when saving email templates and have to disable the rich text editor. Is there a setting to disable rich text editor when replying to tickets?
  11. When staff replies a ticket and the message contains non-ascii characters like ’ (U+2019 : RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK), the reply becomes empty. there is no empty message, the reply got posted, it's just that the message is empty. the message also doesn't get recorded in the database. When client does this, at least the reply got rejected with the error message that she didn't enter any message (so yes, the message becomes empty again, but at least the user gets an error, she will be confused though). Any solution to this? Should I submit a bug report? The database tables tbltickets and tblticketreplies already have their default charset set to utf8.
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