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  1. FelixCrystal

    Installer Stuck on Step 4

    My issue was with PHPs memory_limit. Make sure the memory_limit is set to 128 MB or higher.
  2. Good afternoon WHMCS community, I have recently purchased a WHMCS license and started the installation processes, however, the installation is halted on Step 4. I am attempting to install WHMCS Version 7.6.1 on a CentOS7 system running Apache 4 and PHP 7.0.32 and MySQL version 5.6.41. All of the files have the correct file permissions and all required extensions are enabled and available (cURL with SSL, JSON, PDO, PDO-MySQL, GD, XML). I have also ensured the timeout settings are raised for installation purposes. The MySQL max_allowed_packet size is set to '268435456', Apache's timeout is set to 1000 (instead of the 300 default), the PHP max_execution_time is set to 300 instead of 90. I have tried deleting and re-uploading the WHMCS files (tried in binary mode as well), I've tried different MySQL databases and users, I've tried setting display_errors to true and received no output, there is no PHP error log generated, no error codes. There is some output in the installer.log file which I have included below, but nothing too telling. I have tried removing my .htaccess file, checked the development tools for errors and tracked the network panel, but there was nothing. I have submitted a support ticket on this issue as well with no current resolution. Any help would be greatly appreciated! installer.log
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