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  1. Auswide

    WHMCS with WordPress

    Lmao no worries Slim. Your expert opinion has been noted 😂😂
  2. Auswide

    WHMCS with WordPress

    Even if I agree with the potential security issues, it's installed... It took me bloody ages to learn all the steps needed to get it running lol. To move it now means starting again? Or is it possible to move it to a sub domain without a reinstall? (I doubt it)
  3. Auswide

    WHMCS with WordPress

    Amongst other reasons... Yes. Most startup resellers like myself will only have limited resources so using them all for 1 site strangles any chance I have of succeeding. I have a reseller account with a total of 25 domains so using 2 straight up leaves me with 23 to earn find from.
  4. Auswide

    WHMCS with WordPress

    Hi Remitur, Constructive feedback is always welcome but could you validate your comments? Bad in what way? And if it was that bad, why does practically every tutorial use this very method to install? And if it's that bad then a sub domain would be no better. Of course they use totally separate databases. All I have done is manipulated a copy of the six template / CSS to appear the same as my WordPress install.
  5. Auswide

    WHMCS with WordPress

    Strapping myself in for all the flaming LOL Still very much a work in progress and have already discovered a few things to change and refine... I started building my site with WordPress long before looking in to WHMCS. When I discovered this great platform, I wanted to try to blend the two together as best I could. After researching a lot of posts here and Google (Google is our friend lol) I set about the task. Main site: https://auswidehosting.com WHMCS: https://auswidehosting.com/accounts Don't actually need to know the different links as they are both linked via the menu system. As mentioned.. I know there is still quite a lot to edit and refine as far as my custom CSS goes, and I know there are also pages that can be improved. But... Happy to hear everyone's thoughts 🙂 Cheers Paul
  6. Auswide

    G'Day :)

    Hi everyone!! Purchased WHMCS a few months ago but have only recently started working on incorporating it into my website. Got to say... it's been a steep learning curve but one that has been / will be well worth it in the end.. I hope lol. I done a few google searches for things I wanted to change and most of the answers were pulled from this community so thought it best I become a member 🙂
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