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    Cancellation form

    Currently I have the cancellation link in the client dashboard, but would like to ask more questions then the normal 'why are leaving us' text box. Preferably have a notice asking if the user has put in a ticket for support 'yes or no' radio buttons (required) then the community why they're leaving us. I've started to notice users just putting a period in the reason community and cancelling. (which is their right, I'd just like to have more a reason of the cancellation). Thanks!
  2. A lot is currently messed up. Just wanted to get the knowledgebase sorted first. The whole admin panel won't change to monthly or yearly graphs, or refresh with our paypal accounts. Would it be best to a clean install on another VPS? We don't have any redirects or edits to htaccess besides the standard setup. If it would be best to do a clean install, would it be advisable to revert back to an older version?
  3. Leaving on template six till we get this fixed ūüôā They are private articles, will make them public and test again. - I've made them public, but still redirects back to homepage via the link at the knowledgebase. Directly going to the URL displays it properly. eg. knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=1 It just seems to not like the basic url setting of https://xxxxxxxxxx.com/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/2/App-Running-Slow.html
  4. Hello! I've recently upgraded our whmcs server to 7.6.1 with a new template and home page but I'm experiencing an issue since the upgrade. I've tested this to confirm it's not the template by switching to six template and experience the same issue. - When selecting knowledgebase.php url, it will go the knowledgebase domain, but when clicking an article it will redirect you back to the home page but the url will be the knowledgebase url (https://xxxxxxxxxx.com/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/2/App-Running-Slow.html) I've checked htaccess and didn't notice any changes within it and can post if required. I do however remember having friendly urls set to 'Full Friendly Rewrite' in 4.3 that is now not highlighted green in the settings pane. For that matter none of them are highlighted green, even basic URLs? I've attached an image to illustrate the selections. I will turn off Mode Override to see what the system detected selection is, but will remain ON regardless if turning it off?
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