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  1. Hi all, Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question but I just need to clarify if I'm adhering to the industry best practice. Some context I recently signed up to become a hosting reseller with a local hosting company. I already had a domain with them and signed up for a reseller package (50GB package) which I associated with my primary company domain. After I signed up my domain IP changed and I received new cPanel login credentials because it now hosted the site on the reseller package if that makes sense. So basically I cancelled the old hosting package. My question Is it best practice to have your company website hosted on the same reseller server where one would host/store your clients hosting packages? For example isn't it better to have: mycompany.com --> Primary domain with our company website hosted ns1.mycompany.com --> Hosting reseller server for our clients hosting needs Whereas I now have our company website and the reseller packages on www.mycompany.com? I presume the way I have it is fin? Obviously the space our website takes up would be deducted from the total server space available (50GB)? Any input would greatly be appreciated. All the best!
  2. Hi @steven99, Thank you for your reply. Took your advice and contacted the host. After they opened the outbound port everything was working smoothly. Feeling like a noob here, seems like something I should have thought of first. Anyway I will know what to do in future now.
  3. Hi everyone, So I reinstalled a clean copy of WHMCS (v7.7.1) and I am in the process of configuring my reseller servers. I enter all the information but when I click on Test Connection I get a message saying Testing Connection... but nothing ever happens, it just keeps loading I generated a new API token in WHM and confirm my login details but no luck. I can also log into WHM and cPanel directly with the credentials I entered above so this means the credentials are correct. When I click on save changes and click on Login to WHM: I get the following error: An Error Occurred cPanel API Unreachable: Connection Error: Failed to connect to port 2087: Connection refused(7) So I did some investigation and looking at THIS POST it seems like a Please excuse my lack of knowledge here but if this is the case how do I check if it is the firewall and if it is the cause how do I rectify it? Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
  4. Hi @redit, Thank you for your reply. So the problem was on my host side. I just asked them to update the timezone for me. Feeling a bit stupid, seems like something straightforward. Luckily I now not what to do in future.
  5. Hi everyone, I've been struggling with something really stupid and search through the community forums but can't seem to find a solution. I did a clean install of WHMCS 7.7.1. Now looking at System Health Status everything looks good but I have one outstanding issue which needs attention: So I went to Utilities > System > PHP Info to see what the default timezone is, now looking at the file I can see it's set to Africa/Johannesburg, which is correct because I am based in South Africa. I also noticed that the default time shown in WHMCS in the top corner is about 2 hours behind, as seen here: I came across this post https://whmcs.community/topic/258453-server-time-correct-whmcs-not/ Where @AffordableDomainsCanada made a suggestion to add the following within the configuration.php file: date_default_timezone_set('America/Toronto'); Now this corrected the time displayed within WHMCS, so thanks @AffordableDomainsCanada. All I want to know is how do I get the PHP Timezone issue removed from the System Status? Something else has to be wrong as the php.ini clearly shows Africa/Johannesburg. I might be missing something. Any advice would greatly be appreciated 😀
  6. I am using a South African payment gateway provider named, PayFast I would presume it's a custom one as it's not part of the predefined list within WHMCS
  7. Hi all, I am quite new to WHMCS and just have a question regarding the Subscription ID under the client profile. If I am understanding correctly depending on your payment gateway a subscription ID will be returned from your payment gateway provider which will be populated within the client profile. I recently created a new client (which is me, for testing purposes) and signed up for a new domain and hosting package. Everything got setup perfectly regarding the domain and hosting package. Regarding the billing I enabled "test mode"/sandbox mode within my payment gateway so send through test transactions. Everything worked fine. Now that testing is done my payment gateway is set to process actual transaction. I noticed that my "test account" was not billed in WHMCS, I believe the reason for this is due to the fact that there was No Subscription ID that was added/ returned from my payment gateway into WHMCS. This I believe was due to my payment gateway being set to test mode/sandbox mode. To rectify this I manually created an invoice for the client (which is me) in WHMCS, clicked on pay invoice and went through the payment process and did a real transaction. Everything worked great, I could see my bank account was debited and my payment gateway shows that the payment has been received BUT no subscription ID was returned to WHMCS, meaning WHMCS doesn't know that the order was paid. When I went to the dashboard on my payment gateways website I saw that no subscription I has been recorded for my test account in WHMCS. So now I want to find out is there a way for me to manually add a subscription ID into WHMCS? I presume the answer is yes, but, I will need to get this ID from the payment gateway, correct? Thanks in advance for the assistance!!
  8. Hi all, Just need some advice, I do apologise for my lack of knowledge here. Context At the moment I am starting out small and will only offer 3 hosting packages. Let's call them the small, medium and large package. I was thinking of having a different reseller hosting server for each package, let's call them server 1, 2 and 3. Scenario Now for arguments sake let's say Bob signed up for the small hosting package which is hosted on server 1 and decided to upgrade to the medium hosting package hosted on server 2. From my understanding if an upgrade is performed we will just allocate the increased server space (an all other features like mailboxes, ftp accounts etc.) to that clients account. Pretty straightforward, however, and here is my question... If the different packages is on different reseller servers (same hosting provider though) does that then mean the client will have to move their website files/database information/update MX records etc.? The reason I am asking this is because obviously I would like to provide my clients with uninterrupted service of their website/emails etc. I also want to encourage upgrades, but if upgrades means manually setup again I'm not sure if clients will find this very convenient. I am also trying to establish if it is even best practices to have each package hosted on a different server or should I have multiple packages on a server? Any feedback would be appreciated. 😀
  9. Hi Community 😁 , Not sure if this has already been answered but it's causing so much confusion for me and my clients. It's regarding nameservers on signup. Scenario Let's say I am a client and sign up for three new domains: domain-one.net domain-two.net domain-three.net As seen here: Now I want to configure the nameservers for each of the above mentioned domains. However, looking at the screenshot above it seems like when I update the nameservers it will apply to all the domains. This doesn't seem very user friendly to me. Ideally it would be great if there were three nameserver forms for all three domains, making it possible to update the nameservers for each individual domain. My question Is there a way to make this possible, to have a nameserver form for each domain? Alternatively to avoid confusion I presume one can simply just remove the nameserver form on sign up and inform the client that they can update their nameservers on registered with their client area? I thank you all in advance for your feedback!
  10. Thank you for the feedback @steven99 @leewolz I think this pretty much answers my question. Just have all my packages on the same server, easier to manage, especially because I'm just starting out. I just have one last question: In terms of the server size. My reseller provider only offers servers up to 100GB. So if this get's full, obviously, I can just add another reseller server of a 100GB and so on. However let's say server 1 (100GB) is full. Now Bob decides to upgrade his package (which is hosted ons server 1), will WHMCS know that OK, this server is full let's create the new package on the other server (100GB) which is not full? Thank you in advance 😁
  11. Hi @steven99 Thank you for you reply. So I am not making use of PayPal, I am however making use of a gateway provider based in South Africa which only offers subscription ID / token ID based payments. In regards to the Subscription ID payment method why don't you recommend making use of this? Can you suggest any other way of doing the billing? I presume this does depend on your payment gateway provider.
  12. Hi @brian! Thank you for you assistance 😁 I will definitely have a look at the recommended Data Tables documentation. Much appreciated!
  13. Hi all, This is yet another situation where I thought updating the CSS would be easy but WHMCS proves otherwise 😉 Within the client area there are a lot of tables (invoices, quotes, tickets etc.) which contains a search box at the top of the table, this one: Is there some way to remove this from the table and place a custom style search box somewhere else on the page? I would like to replace the above with this: When inspecting the page with a table I can see the code for the search filter <div id="tableEmailsList_filter" class="dataTables_filter"> <label> <input type="search" class="form-control input-sm" placeholder="" aria-controls="tableEmailsList"> </label> </div> <div class="dataTables_info" id="tableEmailsList_info" role="status" aria-live="polite">Showing 1 to 10 of 21 entries</div> When viewing the source code no code is visible, I presume WHMCS dynamically adds this code. Thank you in advance for any assistance
  14. Mocke

    Update sidebar button styling

    Hi @brian!, Apologies for only replying now. haha 🙃 I have to agree with you WHMCS definitely does lull you in. I ended up updating the existing class name styles. This was the quickest work around, also avoided having to use all the hooks/js etc as you mentioned. Thank you for you input, do appreciate it.
  15. Hi all, This seems like a very straight forward thing to solve but I'm struggling. All I want to do is update all button styling within the sidebars to my own. I already created my CSS classes and basically all I want to do is update the classes on the buttons to my own custom classes. Unfortunately it seems easier than said as within the sidebar.tpl I would expect to see the buttons but only see the followings snippet. So not sure where the actual code for the button lies. {if $item->hasFooterHtml()} <div class="panel-footer clearfix"> {$item->getFooterHtml()} </div> {/if} I presume I will have to use PHP hooks or maybe even some JS to remove the existing button classes within the sidebar and replaced them with my own? What would be the best method? Thank you in advance.
  16. Thank you for your input @Remitur, I also thought that might be the best solution to keep our site separate from our clients. @Remitur would you go so far to say host the company site at different provider or is that maybe a bit overkill?
  17. Hi all, Glad to be part of the community. My business partner and myself are in the process of starting a small hosting company here in South Africa. Might bug you guys from time to time for some advice, and hopefully I can contribute here Kind regards

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