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  1. I'm adding new clients with the AddClient localAPI command. When I do this the ClientAdd hook runs twice. I'm sure of the fact that I don't call the AddClient twice. This issue is mentioned before in 2017 by another user: https://whmcs.community/topic/270149-hook-execution-repeated-when-is-fired-width-api/ I have a workaround to check if the code in the hook is executed before, but rather would see this issue fixed.
  2. At the WHMCS orderpage it's posible to change the registrar for each domain, before accepting an order. The API reference for AcceptOrder only allows me to give one registrar, sendregistrar, and sendemail string for the entire order. If the order contains multiple domains for different registrars I can't give them a different value. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to accept these kind of orders by the api with different option values for each domain?

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