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  1. Hello, I am wanting to offer one (1) year domain registration/transfer free when you purchase hosting for 1, 2, or 3 years and based on my understanding I'm thinking it should be configured like this https://prnt.sc/m0xzox In speaking with support for a piece of software I am using they're saying WHMCS should be configured like this https://prnt.sc/m1kalo Which configuration is correct? Thanks.
  2. riddimhost

    Mailchimp Module Exception Errors

    We're getting similar errors too and as a result MailChimp is not pulling the products from WHMCS. Is there a way to reset the information that is synced on the MailChimp end, and start from scratch? Disable and re-enable doesn't seem to do so.
  3. Hi Is it possible to make the domain registration length match the length of the hosting purchased? Eg...you buy a 3 yrs hosting package and a domain, instead of the domain defaulting to 1 yr can we have it default to 3 yrs to match the hosting? Also would that affect free domain offers? I am thinking it would just add the cost of years 2 & 3 to the invoice or would it make the entire 3 yrs free?
  4. So apparently out the box WHMCS doesn't.....you will need to do it manually or use a 3rd-party module.
  5. Hi, I am new to WHMCS and doing some testing to see how things work. I did a domain transfer (using eNom) without a hosting package, the transfer was successful but it was not resolving to my nameservers even though it showed them in the client portal as well as eNom. After some searching, I manually created the DNS zone in WHM and all's good. Is this normal behavior or should WHMCS have sent a request to WHM to create the DNS zone? It works fine with a hosting package btw. Thanks.
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