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  1. What is the best way to cleanup whmcs to improve performance? For example, if am not using a lot of the server modules ect is it safe to remove them? I have already removed stock themes and order carts. Im using lagom 2 theme so what other assets or resources can be removed to help with performance? what java script can be removed? ect
  2. What about databases etc? That's what im trying to figure out. I know I can physically delete the files. But I'm talking about full uninstallation
  3. I am trying to see what I can do to remove WHMCS but leave any WHM accounts alone. I do not want to remove them from WHM but I do want to remove WHMCS completely. No longer need it as we are shutting down and just hosting personal stuff so we dont need whmcs
  4. yes it was mod_security related. Worked through some errors and now we are all set.
  5. Ok we are seeing more mod_security errors. So we are working through those. I checked our ini file and everything should be fine for that part.
  6. I am not trying to enable it for all domains. IT appears to be a mod_security issue. Making changes now and will test again
  7. the page opens up when i click domain pricing so the page it self loads. But when i check the box for enable EPP Code on any TLD and then hit save, thats when i see the page not found issue.
  8. hello, I am using Enom as a domain registrar and I am trying to ENABLE epp code in domain pricing. When i enable it and hit save, I get page not found error. for https://myinstallationdotcom/admin/configdomains.php Any ideas?
  9. so you want to display the monthly breakdown for annual plans? can you share your website?
  10. Please go into Utilities > Logs > Module Logs the Enable the module log, once done, please back to module settings, load the list and then head back to your module log to check for errors in the logs.
  11. So they get product 1 for 0$ then every month its a subscription to keep it active?
  12. why not just have your isp issue you a new ip
  13. What are you guys doing for support for clients either via live chat, phone chat ect? Just verifing email used to sign up or adding a support pin ect?
  14. you can have the client sign up, it will auto install WordPress. Then you can user whmcs admin to gain access to account or go into WHM > client cpanel and do it that way But the WordPress Manager will auto install everything for you upon account creation
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