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  1. jdmefsir

    Price Display

    so you want to display the monthly breakdown for annual plans? can you share your website?
  2. Please go into Utilities > Logs > Module Logs the Enable the module log, once done, please back to module settings, load the list and then head back to your module log to check for errors in the logs.
  3. You can pay someone for custom development
  4. So they get product 1 for 0$ then every month its a subscription to keep it active?
  5. jdmefsir

    Access Denied to WHMCS - My IP is Blocked!

    why not just have your isp issue you a new ip
  6. What are you guys doing for support for clients either via live chat, phone chat ect? Just verifing email used to sign up or adding a support pin ect?
  7. you can have the client sign up, it will auto install WordPress. Then you can user whmcs admin to gain access to account or go into WHM > client cpanel and do it that way But the WordPress Manager will auto install everything for you upon account creation
  8. We use @ModulesGarden WordPRess Manager and love it. You can handle everything wiht it
  9. So im having an issue where when a client signs up, it gets flagged for fraud because the server ip and the signup address are distances apart. I tried to add the whmcs server ip to the security tab with trusted proxies. Does that sound right?
  10. jdmefsir

    Client is unable to login

    Ive had issues with login when i had a captcha issue. Once i reconfigured invisible captcha i was fine. As far as payments. What account does the payment show its going to? If the client paid via the client portal it should show up for their account
  11. Lets say I have a package on whmcs that allows up to 6 websites. Instead of the client having one cpanel with 5 addons what would be the best way about giving them 6 cpanels? I know with reseller this works but i am not wanting to make reseller packages. Just a cpanel for eaach domain from within whmcs also. So client signs up for 6 web site account and can have 6 cpanels to log into/ Do able?
  12. @ModulesGarden I was provded a fix to be able to use the wordpress module with extended module but still need answers on this error. I posted it 3 times in the ticket and it gets ignored everytime. Message: No query results for model [ModulesGarden\WordpressManager\App\Models\Installation].
  13. Hello, I am trying to get this WordPress Manager Plugin working and its giving me issues and the documentation isnt helping and frankly neither is @ModulesGarden Support. I get one responce per day which is taking me over a week to still not even have an answer for this or a area to look into etc. It installs wordpress upon product order and that part works fine but when i try to build a plugin package and search for a plugin i either get api error message or now i am getting this message Message: No query results for model [ModulesGarden\WordpressManager\App\Models\Installation]. I am not sure what else to try. I have reuploaded the plugin with the most recent update they have. I am also using the cPanel Extended Plugin they offer and the proxmox plugin. I would love if anyone can point me in the right direction
  14. jdmefsir

    domain search not working

    it does not show an error just when you search a domain it checks and then just stops and doesnt show results
  15. I am having a random issue where my domain searcher doesnt work anymore. I have switched templates and it still will not work. Any suggestions? I have deleted and readded all TLDs Switched themes Readded my api for namecheap

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