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  1. Sorry I'm a little confused.. so how do I fix it? and where? WHMCS? or in my cPanel?
  2. No i don't see any errors when i manually execute the cron job from the shell (see attached screenshot) Here is a screenshot of my automation settings inside WHMCS (see attached screenshot) Here is a screenshot of my settings in my cPanel (see attached screenshot)
  3. Can someone please explain to me why I'm getting this weird cron email message? (see attached screenshot) It says that my cron is not executing when it is supposed to (which is set to 9:am) this System cron in WHMCS is set to run every 5 minutes, and then there are 2 cron jobs that run the same cron.php in my cPanel (one of them runs every 5 minutes, and one is set to run at hour 9) so I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong... I need help :) :)
  4. Has anyone ever had this happen? Here are some screenshots Joshua Harris from Raw Money Entertainment for some reason when he posts his content in the support ticket (im assuming he hits "Reply") it puts the content into Dionysus Gray's account (notice the mp3 file in Dionysus Gray's support ticket in one of the screenshots) Is this a common issue where I don't have something configured correctly? I've had to manually take the replys to the tickets and put them into his account, why is this happening?
  5. I believe the problem is solved as I have no more errors in my dashboard that "Need Attention" 🙂 well, it says 1 thing needs attention but when I click "View Issues" it says "Looking Good!"
  6. Ok, so I don't know if Im able to access my server on a terminal, but my webhost did run the command for me i believe and got back to me with the results --> see attached screen shots I'm assuming that's the output from running the command you gave me php -q /home/mmdnetwo/whmcsdata/crons/cron.php -F all -vvv
  7. I have since solved this issue.. it wasn't even in the Payment Gateway settings.. it was in the Addon Module for the Transaction Lookup ID (LOL!) I had the wrong credentials entered in there, I got the correct credentials now and i can see my paypal balance (which is $0.00 but still!) Thanks for your help 🙂
  8. I am getting this error with my Cron --> see attached screen shot In the dashboard it says that my Cron has not ran succesfully, but in Settings -> Automation Settings , it says it has, and runs every 5 minutes... Do I have something not configured correctly?
  9. I am getting this error in my dashboard PayPal Balance: Error: Security header is not valid I thought that I had entered my Paypal credentials correctly and everything was working fine... But I guess not 🙂 Shouldn't I be able to see my paypal balance right there? (see attached screenshots)
  10. Thank you for your help.. I have since figured out what I was doing wrong :) I have since configured all three sign-in integration's successfully :)
  11. I am having trouble with some of my sign in integrations I follow the documentation to the letter step by step, but I still can't get my Google and Twitter sign-in integration to work.. I created the apps in both developer panels (according to the documentation) and I always get an error "Invalid Details" I attached a screenshot for my Twitter integration..
  12. The other night, I was doing more testing on my WHMCS order flow (I created a test client, and a couple promotion codes that set the prices to zero), and I registered a domain name I use enom.com as my registrar (i got a free account with my reseller hosting package). The domain name I registered was actually a domain name I was planning on keeping and putting up a website on, but I accidentally deleted the order (thinking it was one of the other test orders).. The domain name still shows as registered to my enom.com account, but there is no hosting or anything associated with it anymore, how do I link it back up with my WHMCS (or is that possible?) Here are some screenshots of my enom.com and where I terminated the account in WHMCS..
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