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  1. How we create a pop alert for client before 2 day's of overdue in clientarea Hi i want to show popup model for alert client for your due is in next 2 day please complete payment anyone have any idea ??
  2. anyone can tell me how we use whmcs login restrict on other website Example domain1.com (whmcs installed ) domain2.com (whmcs not installed) so i want login restriction when user login on domain1.com then user able to visit domain2.com otherwise so login page of domain1.com
  3. Can you provide me any pre-made php file for better understanding.
  4. Can i suspend or close account of any user by using php file ? If possible please provide me php code and any best reference link
  5. Hi community please help me use custom php function in whmcs hook please provide me any example for better understanding. Thanks
  6. we not asking about hack core system just we want use some own php if else condition and some other feature
  7. How we ban user like Ip and email for 1 day or 12 hours any method please provide me with example or source code
  8. I already created a ticket on it but whmcs reply on ticket "We never provide source file if you need any kind of development then you also able to request feature on whmcs."
  9. Hi community. Please tell me how i put restriction on other page if product id = 1 active then show else show other And on same page i will able to make if product id = 2 active then show else other show Please explain me with exam. Thanks
  10. And we don't have any issue but we want our client not able to login at multiple places at same time
  11. We need account ban not request for captcha.🤣
  12. any one tell me how i can use ip ban in whmcs if use login multiple ip at same time is will suspended by our whmcs
  13. This Totally waste billing software here you cannot do anything other 😂🤣
  14. when any clinet search domain then showing error Client Side: Oops somethings went wrong System log WHOIS Lookup Error for 'khobor24x7.in': error detail unknown please help to fix. Thanks
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