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  1. I have to admit this looks a bit shady, some sort of paid plugin with a license restriction unless the OP explains more..
  2. All our themes are now updated to WHMCS 8.2! Odin Hosting Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/odin-whmcs-dark-theme/ - 69$ Zeus Hosting Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/zeus-whmcs-dark-theme/ - 69$ Magna Hosting Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/magna-whmcs-hosting-theme/ - 69$ LowEndHost Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/lowendhost-whmcs/ - FREE For any issues or questions before sale, let us know! 😀
  3. I have to be honest and tell you it's not that good and needs improvements. For me nothing looks in place or attractive, personal opinion.
  4. Hello, I have read the changelogs and news regarding WHMCS 8.2 but i'm failing to read anything about themes changelogs or anything related to it. Is there any big update regarding it or themes in version 8.1 will continue to work without a problem for WHMCS 8.2 aswell? Looking forward to a response,
  5. @WHMCS John Okay maybe you guys thought this well but due to the recent events and outrage from your clients[the ones who supported your software since many years and you would have been nothing if it wasn't for them] are willing to see them go just because of the recent decision on pricing/owned licenses? Don't you think you guys think you took a wrong path? Not to mention you didn't even try to kill clients with the recent pricing, but even developers/designers who are using your software at the first place to sell their RELATED WHMCS products/themes. You are decreasing their profit[they need to pay more for your software due to their client limitations] therefore they will have to take the necessary changes[use a different billing].
  6. Don’t point fingers yet, might not even be WHMCS. I think they have bigger problems and steps to take than report your review on Trustpilot. For example look at this community hosted by them, it literally became a ‘dont buy whmcs community & complain’.
  7. Seems like WHMCS reputation turned upside-down over the net.
  8. Big companies don't have instant announcements, even if drama happens around they still valuate the current situtation with the team and probably have a board meeting within a few days/weeks if they are doing the right thing. If WHMCS whatsoever has no reaction towards the recent community+net posts about price hike, their pricing has been well thought and they already knew and don't care about the consequences. It's well thought strategy by them, meaning they will still increase their earnings even after some of you have moved along to another billing platform.
  9. I guess if WHMCS doesn't change this price-hike. WHMCS will only be a tool available to the biggest brands that are 'stuck' and find WHMCS the only software for billing and don't have in mind of moving.
  10. As much as i like WHMCS, this was horrible in many ways and has nothing positive besides WHMCS team thinking they will increase their pocket earnings.
  11. Well i guess this explains it. Although the price increase, i have to be honest. Maybe it won't kill small hosts and medium ones, but for the large ones with more than 1,000 active clients, you guys became worst than the goverment with taxes. I would in a friendly manner suggest your team [and your highest responsible for the pricing], to re-consider or you will be losing a lot of billing platform hosting market share. You just making it easier for other softwares similar to WHMCS to crush you sooner or later.
  12. About late replies, i do have to backup the company as like others stated, there are a lot of hosting clients in the industry and not much plugins/addons companies for WHMCS meaning there will be many tickets, issues & questions and they will probably not have enough time to take care of all at the same time.
  13. Can be improved though looks clean already
  14. Haha! You have a point. Though it is still easy to edit even for newbiews in html/css. Ofcourse you back his suggestion/worry, we have had this debate already hehe
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