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  1. All our whmcs themes are now compatible and working perfectly well with the newest WHMCS 8.5. Doesn't matter if you wish to build a hosting company, VPN or game hosting business, we have you covered with our modern WHMCS themes: https://whmcs.design
  2. Welcome to the forums Gorgie! 🙂
  3. There is no addon with this type of feature as far as i'm aware of. You'll need to most likely pay someone to develop such a thing.
  4. Lightweight, responsive, modern and unique WHMCS themes & templates for your hosting, vpn or game hosting business.All themes come with 1 year support:https://whmcs.designhttps://marketplace.aalayer.comCoupon code: 10OFFNOWFor any issues or questions do let us know.
  5. We are happy to introduce our latest themes for WHMCS which are completely modern and unique. 4 New entries: UltraHost - Dark Hosting Theme UltraVPN - VPN Hosting Theme UltraGaming - Game Server Hosting Theme UltraMC - Minecraft Server Hosting Theme All themes come with these features: Modern and unique WHMCS Themes Custom design for pricing/order plans You will receive photoshop file for the logo Well documented & easy to edit themes 1 year free support A list of all our themes: https://whmcs.design/premium-whmcs-themes.php
  6. Short introduction:We are a small design agency that has been developing and designing custom themes for WHMCS since 2016. Lately we are working and releasing modern and affordable themes aswell for hosting companies using WHMCS. A list of our current WHMCS themes: Caesar WHMCS Themes & Skins - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/caesar-hosting-whmcs-theme-skin/ - 69$ Odin - Dark WHMCS Hosting Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/odin-whmcs-dark-theme/ - 69$ Zeus - Dark WHMCS Hosting Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/zeus-whmcs-dark-theme/ - 69$ Magna - Supreme WHMCS Hosting Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/magna-whmcs-hosting-theme/ - 69$ LowEndHost - Free WHMCS Hosting Theme - https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/lowendhost-whmcs/ - FREE! We are currently running a promotion for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, everything 15% OFF within our marketplace: https://whmcs.design/ Use coupon: BF15OFF
  7. All our themes are now updated to WHMCS 8.3! Caesar Hosting Theme -> https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/caesar-hosting-whmcs-theme-skin/ - 69$ Odin Hosting Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/odin-whmcs-dark-theme/ - 69$ Zeus Hosting Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/zeus-whmcs-dark-theme/ - 69$ Magna Hosting Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/magna-whmcs-hosting-theme/ - 69$ LowEndHost Theme - > https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/lowendhost-whmcs/ - FREE All themes purchased come with lifetime updates per domain, 1 year support.
  8. Make another copy of your theme and upload it to your whmcs templates directory under a different name. After you go and make changes in your new copy template and view the changes you make by opening your whmcs installation online, let’s say your whmcs located in: https://mydomain.com use https://mydomain.com/?systpl=template-name where template-name = folder name of your new copy. You’ll be able to change things without going into production.
  9. Caesar - WHMCS Hosting Theme & Skin Caesar is without a doubt a modern, unique and responsive WHMCS theme & skin. It can be used as a hosting company website’s primary design or simply as the billing area. It comes in 5 different colors (open blue, red, green, purple and black) to choose from. This is only a WHMCS client area theme and does not come with any PHP/HTML theme folder. Theme Preview: Blue Version Red Version Green Version Purple Version Black Version Features / what you will get: An unique and modern hosting theme for WHMCS Custom pricing design for orders/packages 5 folders/colors for this theme Extremly easy to edit 1 year free support Do you want Caesar in your brand's colors?We will edit it to fit your brand's colors completely for a small extra fee. Get the theme for only 69$: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/6090-caesar-whmcs-theme
  10. The design is perfectly categorised as 'modern' and looks nice overall! Maybe a bit too overloaded but indeed it is nice. Question, is this WHMCS still?
  11. You’d have more freedom with a VPS instead.
  12. @Kian I totally get your point regarding the ‘friendlyness’ of x competitors and how they might turn up in the future exactly the same as WHMCS at this point but there is absolutely nothing you can do about it and why waste time discuss about it aswell. WHMCS for example is no longer a company with 3 developers that discuss the future of the product, i would call it an ‘enterprise software(minus the bugs and stuff)’ that make decisions which are well thought and won’t shake or change that easily. I bet the idea of price increase at WHMCS might have been around in office for years before making it go live. Blesta might do the same, maybe it won’t. Still people are going to complain about a decision Blesta’s team does in the future, let that be price increase, feature removal.. and so on! Seems like everyone(or nearly everyone) nowdays purpose is to get rich. Why not make it happen on a successful product you already have? Who cares about the clients that supported it till now, if at worse 60% stay and 40% go, they’ll still be richer than now. Stuff like this is gonna happen if you count your bussiness in a 3d party software. If you want the drama-less , hire a team and develop a custom billing solution in my opinion, that would be extreemly expensive at first but oh well, you don’t get all in one package.
  13. Well it won’t be easy using a different template on your mobile app for a webview android app. However in your web2app, do not use the link of your client area but the yourwebsite.com/?systpl=yourothertheme So anyone who opens the web app will see the theme specified in your link and not your primary one!
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