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  1. i think the mysql queries has run in this page is not have a best performance. this page needs to be code refactor again. any body has no idea?
  2. Hi, in the admin area activity log page when i have a lot of data this page load very slow. why???? whats happening in this page?
  3. Hi, in whmcs clientarea domain checker when we search a domain the request was sent to /cart.php with some params, and cart.php return a json includes domain price for transfer and register in 1 to 10 years. i wanna when client enter a domain and submit the form, i edit this json in code and return custom json value. how can i do this?
  4. thanks for all, @WHMCS ChrisD, @WHMCS Stephen . in index.php i redirect all requests to clientarea.php using header() function. this problem occured for this.
  5. @steven99 thank you for answer, yes i'm using standard WHMCS admin template. i'm a developer, i cant see any javascript errors in chrome developer tools.
  6. Hi, i've a problem in ticket note mention. when i type '@' user list not shown. i'm using whmcs 7.7.1
  7. Hi, for product addon server modules we cant assign template for clientarea. do you have any idea for show something in clientarea services page for product addons?
  8. hi, I have a lot of products that I want to sell at Whmcs. If I want to create a Whmcs product for each of my products, it takes a lot of time and I have a lot of problems updating their prices and specifications. I want to crawl the list of these products from another address and keep updating Whmcs as a dynamic product. Whats Your Idea for this?
  9. hi, i wanna sell a product using a provisioning module and we should be order this using a custom process. we can create a custom page and design this or another way. whats your idea for this issue?
  10. i found the problem, after we use this localApi, must be set clientid in session as cid
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