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  1. Hello, our project plan has a beta release in 4-5 months. I will reach out to you for the beta, thank you very much for the offer.
  2. Hi. Adding the additional VPN Server connection options has added complexity to the user management, bandwidth accounting, bandwidth limiting, Client UI, package and server defaults. I do not have a date for you right now.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. Since the last post on this community, the following additional VPN connection methods are now supported: IKE2 with per client client certificates with many adjustable options such as MOBIKE IPSec/XAuth with preshared key and per client user/pass authentication Cisco Anyconnect with per client user/pass authentication with many adjustable options related to reauth, mtu discovery, idle timeout, buffering, roaming Wireguard with per client key authentication Each of these connection methods can be adjusted globally, at the vpn server level, at the whmcs package level, and at the whmcs service level. This allows the service provider to implement the business logic any way they wish. Each vpn connection method supports adjustable split tunnel and dns path modes. All of the vpn server configurations are transparent to the whmcs administrator and each vpn service is tightly monitored at the socket and authenticated level with integrated local and remote nagios servers. The work is ongoing.
  4. Currently only OpenVPN is configured on the VPN servers. The next software to be integrated will be openswan or libreswan which provides native ipsec/ike2. I will research Anyconnect, thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Thank you for the post. It is not ready yet. I am working with some parties I met on this community to integrate required business logic. I'll update you once we are ready to rock.
  6. Hello, I am preparing to release a WHMCS Addon and Server module which automates realtime configuration and management of secure CentOS7 OpenVPN servers, and I am looking for input on my ideas and additional features which would be required to operate a VPN Service Provider using WHMCS. The module makes it very easy for a VPN Service provider to manage a network of VPN Servers and WHMCS Clients to utilize the VPN service. Here are some screenshots outlining some of the features I have implemented: Addon Module Manage VPN Servers: VPN Server Background Processor Task Reporting: Configure VPN Server -> OpenVPN Configuration Configure VPN Server -> Software Version Selection: Configure VPN Server -> SSL Configuration with Automatic Acquisition from Let's Encrypt: Addon Module Configuration -> VPN Server Normalization Intervals: Addon Module Configuration -> VPN Server Networking Defaults: Realtime reporting of Automated VPN Server reconfiguration with extensive Ansible Playbooks: Server Module Administrative Client Service Configuration: Client UI Configuration: Client UI VPN Usage Reporting: Client UI VPN Client Software Downloads:
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