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  1. When I created the new order (SSL) yesterday, it was assigned to (service ID 125), check the screenshot from the Activity Log. I did this cancellation request to another service for the same client from 2 months, check the screenshot from the database for table "tblcancelrequests" Note: I'm opening this database from an editor because it's a database backup from 3 weeks, as I deleted the cancellation request yesterday!
  2. I did my search now in the activity log and I found that I did this cancellation request on 21-01-2020 to another service, and this cancellation request was already processed. So, now the bug that it has been assigned to the wrong service.
  3. Hi guys, There is something strange happened today for me, I ordered a new service (RapidSSL) from the client account. The order has been created successfully and it was waiting for the configuration, but I found a Cancellation Request has been made automatically with an old date. I think it's a bug or something? check the screenshots.
  4. Craft

    is v7.9 stable enough ?

    I'm using v7.9.2 and it's very stable!
  5. Does anyone know a Hypervisor to install on my server to allow me to create and sell virtual machines to my customers? Also, I need it to be compatible with the WHMCS system.
  6. Ok, thank you 🙂
  7. Ok, I'll not make them ZERO, but is there an option to use a promo-code on renewal products?
  8. hmm, I think I have a better idea and I need your advice. When I purchase any service for these kinds of customers, I use a promo-code with price override ($0). What about using the same promo-code to renew the services?, but I don't see an option to use a promo-code in paying the generated invoices as it's not a cart!
  9. I have some clients where I deal with them personally not via my WHMCS system, but I registered all their services in 1 account only in my WHMCS system as a normal client to just get notified with their renewal date! But their billing is separate from my normal clients which are using my WHMCS system automatically, so I changed the "Recurring Amount" to "0.00" for all their services. Now I have only one issue. On the due date, I find that the service is being renewed automatically because its "Recurring Amount" is "0.00" and at the same time, I don't want to change the "Recurring Amount" to any other amount because I don't want to see their amounts in my total billing summary as a profit. Any suggestions?
  10. Craft

    Amazon AWS

    If your server/hosting has (Softaculous) installed, then you can install WHMCS with One-Click, check the attached screenshot. Otherwise, you can install it manually, just download the files from this link: https://download.whmcs.com/ and upload to your server/hosting Then read (READ ME) file to install it.
  11. Craft

    Separate Invoices

    I'm using the latest version (v7.9.1) and I checked the database now and I found tbclients with 1 Maybe, because of the 2nd service value is $0 amount?
  12. Craft

    Separate Invoices

    When I check the client profile, the separate invoices checkbox is always ticked all the time. I never received multiple services in 1 invoice from 1 year until now. This invoice has been generated automatically with corn jobs.
  13. Craft

    Separate Invoices

    Ok fine, thanks 🙂 I set "Separate Invoices" for a client from 1 year maybe, but I just received now an invoice with multiple services. How is that!

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