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  1. Nope, because each cart of the other 7 carts are having their own css/js folders with their own custom codes. So, if we don't need to overwrite any css/js of the standard_cart, then we shouldn't create the css/js folders. Thank you 🙂
  2. @brian! Could you please take a look at this topic? 🙂
  3. Got it. I created a new folder and I added these files only, is that's enough? I just need to modify this file only (configureproductdomain.tpl)
  4. Ok, and after duplicating standard_cart folder with another name, how can I choose to use the new folder instead of standard_cart?
  5. How to merge the 2 text fields of the domain name + TLD while purchasing a new web hosting package with an existing domain name? To allow the customers to write their existing domain at one text field only.
  6. How can I change the URL of this button instead of "cart.php"?
  7. Is there an option to create a custom orderform to not be overwrite with the future updates?, same as creating a custom template rather than (six) template. Forget, it's not a big issue!
  8. Perfect, it works 🙂 This file could be changed or restored to the default when updating WHMCS to a new version? Can I add a DOT before the drop-down list? (After the text-field of the domain)
  9. When any customer wants to purchase a new hosting package, if he wants to purchase a new domain for his hosting in the next step, he writes his domain name then he selects the TLD from a dropdown list. The issue that we have more than 500 TLDs, and all the TLDs are starting with a DOT, so the customer can't type the first letter of the TLD to filter the list. How can I remove this DOT?
  10. @brian! Sorry for my late reply. I have tested the hook (both conditions) and they are working fine in v8 Thank you ❤️
  11. I thought it doesn't work in v8 so I thought it's useless, but if it works in v8 then it's very useful 🙂 I'll try it and give you my feedback, thanks in advance 🙂
  12. Are you sure that this hook doesn't work in v8? Then this hook is useless 🙂
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