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  1. Ok fine. Can we do the following exactly? 1. If the customer selected (Apply $xxx from my credit balance), it shows the offline payment method (bank transfer) and hide Stripe & PayPal 2. Else if the customer selected (Do not apply any credit), it hide the offline payment method and shows only Stripe & PayPal
  2. I want to hide the payment method section if the customer selected (Apply $xxx from my credit balance)
  3. @brian! Ok, but now my customers don't have an option to pay using their credit card even they have a credit balance!
  4. Hi brian, I'm using the latest version of WHMCS v8.1.3 I checked the mentioned 2 old topics and yes, they are saying the same issue and until now it hasn't been solved yet. Is there an option to solve it using a hook? I just need to disappear the payment methods option if the customer selected (Pay using credit balance).
  5. Hi guys, When I try to make an order and pay using my credit balance, I should select the payment method below (Credit Card or PayPal) also (Find the attached screenshot). If I selected PayPal, the order is executed successfully using my credit balance without asking me to use PayPal, but the issue now if I selected Credit Card (Stripe), the order is executed successfully also using my credit balance but this transaction is being executed in Stripe as Cancelled order (Find the attached screenshot), also I receive an SMS from my bank credit card that my card has been charged (but it will be refunded to my card again within 2 business days because it has been cancelled from Stripe). I think that's a bug and the correct scenario is when the customer selects (Apply from my credit on order), the payment methods below should be disappeared. Any advice?
  6. I can cancel it and create a new addon then set its parent the web hosting plan service. But my customer has already used it so I don't want to remove his work on Weebly.
  7. I'm using my registrar as a lookup provider. The domain is not exists in my database. I tried to refresh the page, I found the domain available, I refreshed the page again, I received the same error again 🙂
  8. How to move a service from Main Service to Addon under Web Hosting plan?
  9. Hi guys, In domain registration check, sometimes I receive this bug (Domains must begin with a letter or number and be between and characters in length). Note: The domain name is written correctly.
  10. How to prevent using fake domains for purchasing a hosting plan? I need the system to check first if it's an existing domain or not, and if found it's a fake domain then don't accept it.
  11. Nope, because each cart of the other 7 carts are having their own css/js folders with their own custom codes. So, if we don't need to overwrite any css/js of the standard_cart, then we shouldn't create the css/js folders. Thank you 🙂
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