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  1. We have a project, some products are available to business only and should not be sold to individuals. What's the best way to develop this feature? I could add a customer field to identify the type of client (Individuals or corporate). But how to filter the product during shopping?
  2. hi, We will need to display Captcha in both Client Login form and Admin Login form. How to implement it? WHMCS Captcha features has no effect on these 2 forms. Thanks.
  3. For client login form, we want to block IP after 3 times failed login. Sounds like WHMCS already have features to block IP after 3 failed admin login, and we will need this for Client login
  4. Our existing system store customer account and password in LDAP, and now we are planning to migrate the system to WHMCS. Is there any way to integrate LDAP authentication with WHMCS client login form? What's the best way to deal with it.
  5. We are creating a dev environment for WHMCS as below: WHMCS is installed in Ubuntu server using VMWare. Souce code of WHMCS template is placed in Windows 10. To simply the way to sync files, we create a shared folder between Ubuntu and Windows 10 So, the template file are in ubuntu as /mnt/hgfs/whmcs/templates/<template name> After it, we create a ln file under <whmcs installation director>/template/<template name> And now, when visiting whmcs/admin, system shows an error as template file doesn't exist. I did a google, some post said WHMCS don't allow Symbolic Link in template file, is it true?
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