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  1. Thank you, great! We have a lot of different cases and work since month on this plugin. I think we are done so far and we also support some 3rd party plugins. It would be great if you tell me, what your issues was. So maybe we can cross check if we already work with them. It would be great to hear a 2nd workflow. Thank you!
  2. Hello guys. We are devloping a module, which groups all our invoices each month. When the cronjob creates an invoice, we are going to delete it. For correct the number of created invoices the cronjob sends, we need to decrease. Do you have any idea, how we can do that? Thanks!
  3. Dear Community. We are looking for WHMCS Developer, who can help us to create custom modules. If you are able to provide, please just ping me in this topic with your mail or write me a private message. Thanks! Chris
  4. Thanks brian! Do you maybe know a good WHMCS developer? We have a lot of modules, we want to program. Thanks.
  5. Thanks "brian!". Is there any smarter way? Because the extesion is quite big and seems to have a lot of bugs. Also it must be paid anualy.
  6. Dear WHMCS Pro's. We need you help, because we can't find a solution with the System and google. We want to group billings monthly, so that a customer who orders 10 Domains in 10 Days, wount get 10 invoices next year. For example group them on the 1st of the month with the exact domain informations in them. Is it possible? Thanks a lot!
  7. Dear Chris. Thanks for your reply. Nope, there are no errors at all.
  8. I found a solution. By ticking this box, (Unter automatic settings => invoices), the invoices was generated. But strage - there were not open invoices for the packages at all! Continuous Invoice Generation If enabled, invoices will be generated for each cycle even if the previous invoice remains unpaid
  9. I found out, that there is a nextinvoicedate and nextduedate. Can you tell me, whats the difference, and why the invoice is not generating?
  10. Dear Community. I have a big issue. Some Invoices are not generated, but the package is still active and corrcet. Do you have any clue, what to check? The Package is active, There is not Termination Date and there is no other open invoice from this package.
  11. I found the Problem! The problem was the webserver, FROM where I asked the request. I tried another server and it worked. I white listet the server and it works great...
  12. Thanks for your ideas. 1. I showed the curl version, its 7.47.0, see screenshot below 2. I called my hoster from the root server. There is no way, to get a cert for this hostname, because its a url from them 3. I tried an url, which is active on the server, but I get the same error. 4. I tried wget with a live URL, and I get error's, thats for your advice there! I get the certificate error, see screenshoe below. I use lets encrypt to create the cert. Do you have an idea, how I can fix that? Thanks a lot!
  13. Sorry, this information doesnt helps. curl is activated on both servers
  14. Hi Christian. Thanks for your idea's. I have the rule active and also added the rule you told me. Its the same issue
  15. I found the problem in the "dist.additionalfields.php" at " /resources/domains". A module overwrote the file and this file was broken.
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