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  1. Hostinglandia

    WHMCS: modules + Russian localization

    No, of course I do not trust all I read. But I will not install you module, and I am absolutly sure many hosting owners will refuse to buy your modules just becouse the posibility you introduce a ramsomware in whmcs. A ramsomware can go in a windows software, and in any software, aswell in a module you sell. Is this your defence? asking me if i trust all that I read?, You suggest we shoud not trust antivirus, and we should forget evidence that your company is involved in RAMSOMWARE. WHAT A DEFENCE!!!, Now I really feel very confident to install your software!! (sarcasm) I will add this link in the review of the module. So anyone that whats to buy your module, gets all the information and get and informed buy.
  2. Hostinglandia

    WHMCS: modules + Russian localization

    I understand you work hard to same your reputation. but YOU indeed are involved in RAMSOMWARE: https://id-ransomware.*/2018/03/gandcrab-2-ransomware.html
  3. Hostinglandia

    WHMCS: modules + Russian localization

    Kian, please , read my message. I do not acuse them becouse language or tld. 1. I bought the module 2. I download the module, my local antivirus complain 3. I upload the module to a test server, my server antivirus complain 4. I search internet about this module and company , and found reports where whmcs.com.ua is involved in ramsomware 5. I ask for a refund that they deny. End of the story. I really would like to know that Brave hosting owner that after this finally install te module in is whmcs. Are you Kian?
  4. Hostinglandia

    WHMCS: modules + Russian localization

    will you install this module in your whmcs??? really? You are brave!!.
  5. Hostinglandia

    WHMCS: modules + Russian localization

    ok, no problem, I have lost 23 $, not a bit problem, but I will not expose my web to ramsomware.
  6. Hostinglandia

    WHMCS: modules + Russian localization

    No comments. That said it all.
  7. Hostinglandia

    WHMCS: modules + Russian localization

    you name is related in ramsomware, and you coding is aswell suspicius. I have bought many modules, and it is first time this happends to me. I guess all other developers protects their coding aswell. No way to trust you. Too dangerous!! Your web is in russian , but the domain is from Australia!!!, Too many suspicius things. I prefer to loose the 23$ , but you should refund them to me.
  8. Hostinglandia

    WHMCS: modules + Russian localization

    It is imposible to trust a software that is detected as a virus. Please inform how to get a refund.
  9. Hostinglandia

    WHMCS: modules + Russian localization

    I bouth a module from whmcs.com.ua, and when I updoad the module all my antivirus began to alarm about this company and the this error in the php: SecuriteInfo.com.PHP.Obfus-20.UNOFFICIAL FOUND This is first time I see something like this, I have search for this company in internet and it is involved in ramsomware. Why do you allow them to sell their products from your store????
  10. nano /etc/my.cfg it will open the mysql configuration file add or update this parameters: interactive_timeout=60 wait_timeout=60 Save an close the file and restart mysql
  11. I had this problem, and for me, the solution was to increase mysql timeouts
  12. After update to last version , the automatic domain renewals has stop So I have to do a manual renewal to all domains . How can I fix this?
  13. Hostinglandia

    Error When Creating Module

    That is correct. but does not explain why it fails . And most interesting is that fails with php 7.0 but does not fail with php 5.6 I downgrade to php 5.6, but this is just a workaround , not a solution. Very strange anyway. I Open a ticket with whmcs, and as allways no response. may be the worst support ever. It is amazing is the same company than cpanel (that has the best support I have ever seen.)
  14. same problem here. did you find a solution?

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