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  1. As far I know that is, if someone has an active order then the second order of that product not possible to place. But I want, visitors or customers can not to add the same product twice to the cart. Is it possible? @brian! or @bear
  2. @brian! Is there any way to prevent adding same product twice in cart by book? Thanks!
  3. I followed this article before posting here. He did not assigned Static Public IP to his server as a result when he reboot the server IP got changed. But changed IP & old IP was not same. But I already assigned Static Public IP. And I configured the server on WHMCS properly.
  4. Module log. Array ( [@attributes] => Array ( [version] => ) [webspace] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [add] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [result] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [status] => error [errcode] => 1023 [errtext] => Unable to get ip id by address '' from db. ) ) ) )
  5. Hello, I'm using latest WHMCS. I was added a Plesk server to my WHMCS, server hosted on AWS Lightsail. But when I try to create an account getting this error. Error code: 1023. Error message: Unable to get ip id by address 'xx.xx.xx.xx' from db. But I was input correct public IP address of the server. Is there anyone to help me?
  6. Who doesn't support premium domain, they are showing unavailable.
  7. Yes, I have resellerclub account. ResellerClub as a whois lookup provider.
  8. When I set ResellerClub as a whois lookup provider then it's working. That means premium domain search results showing unavailable to register.
  9. @brian! Thanks for the good suggestion. But another issue is when I chose other or WHMCSNAMESPINNING as a whois lookup provider, frontend premium domain search result showing available to register, but it should be unavailable.
  10. @brian! Thanks for your reply. Yes, WHMCS has official Internet.bs module & they do not support premium domain. But Internet.bs's official module support premium domain. Just problem is whois checking from WHMCS admin area is not working, else everything is working fine. I already contact with them but they are not responsive. Waiting for their reply.
  11. Hello, I'm using latest WHMCS & Internert.bs domain registrar. But If I choose Internet.bs as default WHOIS Lookup Provider & try to lookup whois of a domain from WHMCS admin area, getting an error. But there is no error If I choose WHMCS NAMESPINNING as default whois lookup provider. But problem is, I'm selling premium domain, So If I choose WHMCS NAMESPINNING as default whois lookup provider then premium domain price is not working correctly. So I must need to use Internet.bs. I explained more derails in this video Watch Video The module files attached bellow. Thanks for your time! WHMCS-Internet.bs-V2.9.zip
  12. Hello, Is there any way to auto select the domain configuration settings for DNS Management, ID Protection & Email Forwarding checkboxes by hook? @brian! Hope you can do. 😍
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