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  1. Hi, I use WHMCS v7.5.1 with standard six theme (with some css modification). recaptcha work well on main page, and domain search, but on contact page (contact.php) old v1 recaptcha shown. How can I solve this problem?
  2. MDavid

    Get domain's client data from database

    Ok, thanks. I'll test what if I change contact data before registration sent to domain registrar. I'm not found any temporary table. These not what I searching for, but very useful for my project, so thanks for your suggestions!
  3. Hi all, I would like to save some extra additional input field to my client's sub-accounts. I can store it into database, but I can't find a hook what I can catch, if sub-client (contact) data saved. (And I need to set these required field). Can you help me in this?
  4. MDavid

    Get domain's client data from database

    Yes, I need that data, before sent them to registar, and in some cases after too (domain status <> Active). Somewhere must stored that, because contact details not sent right away to registar. I found the tables (tblclients, tbldomains, tblcontacts) but I not found where store the subclient -> domain connection (which database table and field store that)
  5. Hi, I would like to make a custom function, which is get back a domain's all contact details from database. (what the registarmodule_register function get by default in $params, when I send a domain to a registar) I have the $domainid, but I can't found the quick and easiest solution. Is there any function for this? Thanks!
  6. Ok sorry my mistake.... Wrong action was set...
  7. Hi, I have a custom made, old system and I would like to export from it all my clients data to WHMCS. So I think, the WHMCS API is usefull for this, but I have a problem with order export. I would like to use AddOrder function, based on documentation. But when I try to use this, I have an error from API: not get firstname The client already imported, but it hasn't contacts, because I want to use default client datas to domain registrations. I post the following fields. $postfields = array( 'action' => 'AddClient', 'responsetype' => 'json', 'clientid' => $clientid, 'paymentmethod' => $paymentmethod, 'pid' => array(1), 'noinvoice' => true, 'noinvoiceemail' => true, 'noemail' => true, 'domain' => array('demo.tld'), 'domaintype' => array('register'), 'regperiod' => array(1) ); So, can I add an order with domain registrations with default client fields? Or I must set all domain fields here? Thank you!
  8. Very good solution! I just ask a question: How can I store that user agree with it? I need to store it somewhere in database.
  9. MDavid

    Domain contact page with custom registar

    Problem solved, there are a ClientAreaPageDomainContacts hook, what create a bug and empty the variable...
  10. Hi, I would like to use my custom domain registar modul. I created it, based on Example Registar module So I try to show domain contact info on Client area, but in template file (templates/six/clientareadomaincontactinfo.tpl) $contactdetails variable is empty, and no any contact details shown. The Registar modul get back good array (based on example) What should I do? Thank you any idea.
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