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  1. VirtualWorldGlobal

    cPanel Account Login

    Hi EASY WHMCS issue we faced is now resolved. By chance is there a way to migrate invoices from one customer to another ?
  2. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Free Module: Paypal No fees !

    Thank you pRieStaKos
  3. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Free Module: Paypal No fees !

    Are you still providing the module ?
  4. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you @zomex
  5. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for this opportunity to be a part of the WHMCS community, it has been a great start Thank you everyone :)
  6. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Multiple WHMCS for Billing & Support

    Hi, As we migrated to WHMCS and were using it for billing, setting up servers etc. We have some resellers who use freelance designers for their work. A few have questioned us that their freelancers can see the pricing of their servers even if they are creating a contact and adding the freelancer to access only the servers. They raised objection to that and as we didn't had a choice we started using two WHMCS 1. For Billing - with primary email id of the client to receive all invoices 2. For Servers - setup clients and servers and allocate them with multiple contacts so their support / design staffs can login and access servers 3. We provide Support via Vision Helpdesk (We required Satellite Help Desk since 2011) In this case we have to use two license fees which obviously the clients will not pay for, Also the client at their end needs to manage three logins which can be confusing... 1. WHMCS 1 - Billing 2. WHMCS 2 - Servers 3. Vision Helpdesk Login (Satellite Help Desk) Any other options or anyone else using the same model for billing and server, any advice...
  7. VirtualWorldGlobal

    cPanel Account Login

    Hi @brian! Yes it's working. Perfect as always, I replied back via 'Messages'. Client has checked and we mentioned about you, client and us both thank you for all your help and support for his cause. --------------------- Can you please help me with a different issue (i) I installed a plugin 'EASY WHMCS Module' and I deleted some services / products in bulk some of them were being used by clients. (ii) Now the clients does not have any services under their account (ii) They are still receiving their renewal emails even without the services / products under their account. (iv) I can recreate all services / products manually and update their account with them but how do I stop the emails being sent out for the current non existent - services / products ( If I update the newly created products now our clients will receive all the new renewal emails along with the old ones which will create confusion) How do I handle this very confused...
  8. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Cancelled Services & Invoice Showing In Client Area

    I believe we don't have any other options currently. There may be a paid module for this, I will keep searching
  9. VirtualWorldGlobal

    cPanel Account Login

    Hi @brian! if we create create three 'Client Custom Fields' and make them admin-only. What will be the changes in code for for the hook, this seems to be good option, please help us achieve this. This will be a great solution for what the client was asking for.
  10. VirtualWorldGlobal

    cPanel Account Login

    Hi @brian! Thank you. We are much comfortable with the sidebar only. If we create a demo hosting service then how to link this service so that when client select (demo hosting service) the links will appear with the side bar. As we are new with WHMCS we don't want to complicate this situation for us and rather keep this simple. I again would like to thank you your help and supporting our client's cause. I believe he will be very happy to use this with his client area. I tried to understand more of this but not something I am good at. So maybe later I will try this with your help :)
  11. VirtualWorldGlobal

    cPanel Account Login

    Sorry what do you mean by - it's not terrible good practice overall´╗┐ I understand that the hook file will store his user/pass in plain text but that was the reason I wanted to use API but it seems not possible at the moment. I was checking this out - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44733708/can-i-login-to-cpanel-through-php ******************************* Yes, there is a way, CPanel has an API that can be used by PHP. Example from the docs: // Instantiate the CPANEL object. require_once "/usr/local/cpanel/php/cpanel.php"; // Connect to cPanel - only do this once. $cpanel = new CPANEL(); // Get domain user data. $get_userdata = $cpanel->uapi( 'DomainInfo', 'domains_data', array( 'format' => 'hash', ) ); // Perform the desired actions. ******************************* Any idea what to do ?
  12. VirtualWorldGlobal

    cPanel Account Login

    Thanks a ton @brian! However is their anyway that the login buttons only appear under the Services Page or can appear under any specific service details page Under additional information ? Also if we want to input his Two cpanel instead of webmail how to do this ?
  13. VirtualWorldGlobal

    cPanel Account Login

    Generic My Products & Services page (Nothing Fancy) Yes he has a few domains hosted with us but this specific cPanel we have only username, password and API along with the URL. (We don't have WHM access for this cpanel) He just needs a button which he will click and login to this cPanel from his client area with us.
  14. VirtualWorldGlobal

    DB Restore didn't work

    Thank you @zomex Now I can understand that if we upgrade the previous won't be working here...due to version mismatch
  15. VirtualWorldGlobal

    cPanel Account Login

    Thank you @brian! But how do I add this for individual client in WHMCS -> Product & Service Page -> Specific product Selection (The button may appear anywhere by when this user clicks on the button he gets logged in to his cPanel without entering his username or password. How to use the form ? (Yes the login should be secure so that his security is not breached) How to make this possible, I would like to try this with your help :)

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