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  1. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Adding No. Of Days Of Invoice Generation To Invoice

    Hi @brian! Actually want to know the no of days the invoice is due, may be if not on invoice then with our Admin area / Client area, This will help to understand after how many days a client is making payment at times here it goes up to 90 - 120 days so I can keep a track.
  2. Hi...Any help on how to add no of days the invoice is due (Bill generation date) to the Invoice. #staysafeeveryone
  3. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Any Accounting System Recommended For WHMCS

    Thanks @Kian
  4. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Free Module: Paypal No fees !

    Thanks I have downloaded this and installed the module but I don't know how to change the Paypal to handling changes etc. So unable to use it but for us it's highly required...
  5. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Free Module: Paypal No fees !

    Hi @pRieStaKos Their website seems to be always OFFLINE, do you have any other module information...please help
  6. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Account Statement by WHMCSGlobalServices

    Hi everyone...we do have good experience with @wsa we have a few modules from them. However providing helpdesk support ourselves would always recommend faster and quicker response for support tickets. Thanks :)
  7. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Free Module: Paypal No fees !

    Hi do you know of any such module ? please let me know Thank you
  8. Hi, Please help with an accounting system which can sync all invoices with an accounting system...or any simple accounting module for WHMCS ? Thanks
  9. VirtualWorldGlobal

    cPanel Account Login

    --------------------------------------------------------- yes - but only with a hook, not from settings. by default, any contact can see the list of all services on the My Services/Products page (possiibly that could be limited to "thier" product, but that's not simple... it would be possible to assign access to each specific product details page to one or more contacts. regards Brian --------------------------------------------------------- Please help on how to achieve this as I need to active for one client. Thanks
  10. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Invoices for a customers

    Yes as paypal button is required else how will customers make payment I am using the default template and and have not made this change in production WHMCS
  11. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Invoices for a customers

    Thank you working... If I change the existing viewinvoice.php link to dl.php to link then customers will be able to pay online ? Access the paypal button ?
  12. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Invoices for a customers

    Thank you @brian! I will try and update you :)
  13. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Invoices for a customers

    Hi, Have a few questions...need to know if possible... 1. How to download all invoices of a customer as PDF for a single client or at times for all clients at once. 2. Can we add a download button for pdf invoice download so that clients can just download by clicking on it. [Beside Paid / Unpaid] Thank you
  14. VirtualWorldGlobal

    cPanel Account Login

    Hi EASY WHMCS issue we faced is now resolved. By chance is there a way to migrate invoices from one customer to another ?
  15. VirtualWorldGlobal

    Free Module: Paypal No fees !

    Thank you pRieStaKos

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