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  1. Hi all, Ive been spending the past few months getting WHMCS ready to take over our current billing/support system. We are a datacenter that is currently using Connectwise and its simply been a pita. Ive been developing a lot of WHMCS addons to make the system work the way we want and one that I feel is sorely missing is something to allow billing client as incurred for services. We currently offer vCloud director virtual datacenters, rack power, Veeam, and ISP services on an as incurred billing model. There was no way we were moving away from this model so I built an addon call BAI (Billing as Incurred.) The module is pretty neat and Im very happy with how it turned out. It completely replaces the built in WHMCS invoicing system. Heres some bullet points because these are easier then typing *. Pulls data from an elasticsearch database defined per product by index. Matched by specified ES field from a custom field on the product. Lucene filters are supported Date ranges on invoices are in the past Supports pricing overrides on a per product basis. This works for a products base price as well as all configurable options. i.e I sold client X a 48u cabinet for $350 but I sold client Y a 48u cabinet for $500 Addons are synced completely with the billing cycles of their parent products. It seemed stupid that WHMCS treats them separately. Orders from the admin portal have invoicing, invoice emails, and order confirmations disabled. You cannot reenable them. Orders through the client side order forms will always discount the cart total by the amount of all carted BAI products. This means all BAI products will have no upfront cost until after usage has been recorded. Our billing model is always to invoice on the first of the month. I haven't tested otherwise but I coded it with the intention of billing all products on different cycles. I prorate all our products to the first of the month in WHMCS. All products will be prorated appropriately upon order. The order view screen has buttons to generate or regenerate the order invoice Billable items are invoices as normal This plugin will not be open source. We plan on selling it though pricing and terms have not been discussed. It will be months before this addon is available but I wanted to post to see if theres interest in this sort of thing. I do plan on supporting more databases however Elasticsearch is our database of choice. It is entirely up to you to get the appropriate metrics into ES. Let me know if this interests anyone and if anyone has any appropriate ideas for this addon.
  2. jster1324

    Order add-on once only

    Addons and tickets are where WHMCS is suffering for us. It would be really nice if the dev team would look into a revamp of these two items instead of adding new features. I cant believe that the system is even used in its current state.
  3. I am using the adminviewticketpage hook to show some custom controls on the admin ticket page. When I press a button I need to make a POST request to my addon module that will retrieve data I have stored. Whats the best way to have an endpoint that returns a raw JSON string while still being able to use the WHMCS libraries for database interaction? Ive tried using the (modulename)_output function which works for inserting/updating data but if I want to retrieve data it will try to render the addon page as well. Any ideas?
  4. How do you guys deal with a client having large amounts of the same product? It seems you cant rename a product/service at the client. How would a client select the correct service when creating a support ticket when they all say just "Colocation"? Thanks.
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