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  1. Hello, After upgrading my WHMCS 7.x modules with new features and ver. 8.x compatibility, I marked them as "Legacy" and placed them available for FREE Download: whmcsBB Cart Plus Social Blog Legal Agreements License Warning: All WHMCS Modules in this section are 100% Free, without any visible Copyright link, to use them in your own website(s). Adding them as part of your project (especially Themes), as Free Bonus or Paid Service, is strictly prohibited! As a way to protect my Intellectual property from unauthorised use, the Admin area file is encoded but without any license check. Chris
  2. @string Thank you very much. I'm using literal tags for more than 10 years, there are already many calls is some js code in footer.tpl, but honestly never thought that it can be the reason of this issue. Even if at some point I gave a look there to see if there is any { or } symbol that may break the template. But really it was this. Now works fine. Thank you again
  3. Hello all, For some reason the pattern that I'm using in an input in footer.tpl breaks the page: <input pattern="[a-z0-9._%+-]+@[a-z0-9.-]+\.[a-z]{2,}$" type="email" name="email" id="email" class="field form-control" placeholder="Email Address" required> If i remove the pattern part it works fine. The strange is that in a sidebar widget the exact same code works fine. Any idea? Thank you Chris
  4. For decades I avoid to speak the world "beatch" to avoid ...misunderstandings 🤪 Most probably I'll have the same with "Bear". I can bet that in most cases I'll write "Beer in mind" 🙂
  5. @brian! AWESOME !! Only the Sunday is missing, but is not important. Also thank you for teaching me that "Bear in mind". I use to say "Keep in mind", but for sure you know better 🙂 PS: With some page refreshes "Sunday" appeared in the date format, so everything is fine.
  6. Thank you so much !! ..... Works on the meaning that it shows the date, but don't know if my setup is correct. My settings are: The code is: $blog["postdate"] = fromMySQLDate($decodedata[$key]["postdate"], $includeTime, $applyClientDateFormat); And the result is this: While I want something like this: Is this possible? PS: Sunday, January 17, 2021
  7. Hello all, I wonder if there is any system function to format a timestamp value to system setting date. I've did this task with my own code but is a long piece of code and I want to use (as possible) standard WHMCS syntax. Thank you Chris
  8. @brian! Once again you rock my world !! 🤩 https://www.whmup.com/
  9. Getting as example this article, I tried to do the same in a sidebar widget but it does not works: $secondarySidebar->addChild('mywidget', array( 'label' => 'Header Text', 'icon' => 'fas fa-user', 'bodyHtml' => 'Here is the main text', 'footerHtml' => 'Footer Text', 'extras' => array( 'color' => 'blue', ), )); Any idea on how to add the blue top border in the widger? Thank you Chris
  10. Finally, the old good way, works fine. // Update Version mysqli_query($db,"UPDATE tbladdonmodules SET value='2.0' WHERE module='legalterms' AND setting='version'");
  11. That's so weird. Even a version update with a query does not works. Eg the code below works as for the database table modifications, but the query to update tbladdonmodules does not works without to give any error. if ($currentlyInstalledVersion < 2.0) { // Articles mysqli_query($db,"ALTER TABLE `mod_legalterms_articles` ADD `language` VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT 'english' NOT NULL"); // Settings mysqli_query($db,"ALTER TABLE `mod_legalterms_settings` ADD `licensekey` VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL"); // Update Version try { Capsule::table('tbladdonmodules') ->where('module', '=', 'legalterms') ->where('setting', '=', 'version') ->update( [ 'value' => '2.0' ] ); } catch (\Exception $e) { echo "I couldn't update Version. {$e->getMessage()}"; } }
  12. @Kian Interesting solution, thank you. I'll try it tomorrow morning as is very late now. For the moment I was able to solve (somehow) this issue, by setting version 2.0 in config and if ($currentlyInstalledVersion < 2.1) in upgrade function. With if ($currentlyInstalledVersion < 2.0) upgrade does not works.
  13. I did this, and it's true that it worked when upgrading an active installation. But the problem is that in a fresh installation, it executes only the part of code in function my_mod_upgrade and ignores the code of the main function my_mod_activate. Have tried it twice, I'll give one more try to see will acts the same.
  14. You're correct. They're logon, and what they see is what is normal to see. I just want to show the store menu instead that my services.
  15. I thought something like this, but still didn't found sometime to test it. Actually I had in mind to use hook to hide that menu and show the store menu. Something like your suggestion. Thank you !
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