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  1. The one, and only one, reason that can make this decision fair is that, if WHMCS offers Support to your clients and host the software on thrir servers. But as long as, you (the Hosting Provider), is the one who offers support to the clients and host the software in your server, WHMCS has no reason to price their software per client. Anything else is just "Let it him to shut the door, let him shout, finally he'll accept it and he'll stay here".
  2. Too much comparing with what? Even $1.00 per client (example), is too much if it was $0.10 per client before. With the high competition in Hosting market, an increase of +500% is not price for software but like making someone partner in your business.
  3. Who says it? Checking my client database from my first domain ewhmcs.com (2017-2019), from 412 domains, I found only 21 to be active. In just 4 years. PS: Making money not always means "more sales". eg they can earn more money from Advertising in their Marketplace.
  4. Have coded a "KiS" (Keep it Simple) Module for Downloads for my own use. It does, use WHMCS client table, but marks them as Inactive. But I'm not using WHMCS downloads as I want to have it separate with the freedom to add description, gallery etc per download.
  5. In a very rare case, I can accept their high price increase. Selling web scripts is not so profitable any more. Not due to covid, even if this pandemic made things worst. For me, and even if it sounds bad to many ears, web business is already a closed field to pioneers. Still there are some money, but only if you work locally. eg Web Hosting for your city. The main problem is that the WHMCS counts as active client someone who bought a free product. That's incredible. Already in the first posts I read someone who offers free downloads. Sure he can earn some money from Ads, or whatever, but this doesn't change the fact he does not have paid orders. Back to 2012, so 9 full years before, I've post something for the future of vBulletin, which became the reason to be banned: https://www.vbulletin.org/community/showthread.php?t=296704 PS: Price increase is a result of sales decrease. That's the secret behind the scene.
  6. As I already wrote in my reply to your review, I'm already working to add this feature 🙂
  7. Hello all, Is there any global variable that I can use in a hook code to determine the active template name? eg I need to execute a hook but only if the template is the Twenty-one. Much better if I can restrict the hook execution if the template is twenty-one or child of twenty-one Thank you Chris
  8. As a way to bring thread back to topic 😂 Does activity makes any sense to be the homepage of the community module, or is better to let only the sections? https://whmcs.teriakis.com/portal.php?do=activity
  9. @yggdrasil Thank you for you kind and supporting words. Yes, last months I changed my mind and started coding simple mods. For years I had the thought that as more features as better, but finally I realized that I was wrong. eg My WHMUp Foro module. Has so many features. Nobody (even me) is using them. I'm talking for use as addon module. If it was a standalone community script, ok, these features are important. But who cares for example, for "Follow this user" in a WHMCS Module? Nobody. As for editable code. Another pity story. First of all, 90% of my work (100% for vBulletin addons), was always totally free. I was coding them for hobby and not for living. Now life changed, and I'm coding for living. But again for 4 years and till the end of 2020, I was releasing all my mods with 100% visible source code and without any license check. I was aware that this way most clients should make a 2nd, maybe 3nd, maybe even more installations. But talking honestly, I don't care for it as long as all the extra installations are for their own domains. I found many clients operating more than one webhosting website. So, for me, the multiple installations for own use, was not a problem. Actually, I also did it once with a dating script. So, can't blame anybody for it. But on December, I seen something that made me really upset. I found people selling my modules. And mostly, I found designers having my mods (especially Legal Agreements) as part of their templates. They don't even spent sometime to change a bit the interface, not even the filename 🙂 . After all I decided to encrypt my code and add license check. But is so boring. I hate myself to spend time for encoding, keeping multiple versions etc etc. So most probably, I'll remove it. I'm not totally sure, but this is what I've in mind. Finally "Smarty" people will be always around. They're part of the world in any field, not only in software piracy. Lazy people who the only that they know is to try to earn some dollars standing on the hard work of someone else. Again thank you for your comments. Chris
  10. If you want to let your clients, and potential clients, to be active in your website, then, go a step ahead and build a dynamic community where they can discuss, ask questions, suggest something, even to let their feedback for your site. This way they'll be sure that all those "What they clients wrote.." in your homepage are real and not fake posts. I'm happy to announce that I just finished a new module for WHMCS, KiS (Keep it Simple) Community. In a short: What I like more on this is the simplicity in use and the nice interface. It's a Community module, but not heavy as the community module. As I said I focus to be simple. Your visitors will love to use it. It Supports 4 types of posts. Discussions Questions (with Best Answer support) Suggestions (with Up/Down voting) Ratings (Testimonials) Does not supports categories but it supports searchable Tags. This makes the module more flexible as each post can have multiple tags. Is totally independent from your clients data as it has it's own registration functions. You can easily turn On/Off any section that maybe you don't want to use. I follow the well known Facebook interface which (even if in person I don't like it), people are familiar with. This means there is no separate page for post, but there is Expand/Collapse function for long tests, and the comments (replies), are exactly the same as in Facebook. Powerful Search In general, these are the current features. In the next version which will release very soon, I'll add: SEO Urls. Actually, they exist even in the current version, but I've disabled them as there is a bug with User Profile Modal window. Photo Gallery for the main post Activity Stream If you want to give a look on it, you can do it in my dev site: https://whmcs.teriakis.com/portal.php?do=main&prefixid=4 I've created 3 demo users in case that you want to login: demouser1 - demopass1 demouser2 - demopass2 demouser3 - demopass3 I wish you the best and keep yourself safe !! Chris
  11. Since 2016, with initial release of my Blog Module, the most common question was if it's compatible with WHMCS Announcements, or if it can imports data from Announcements etc. That's was the reason that I decided to release an improvement module for WHMCS Announcements. Actually is a shell to them so your don't have to worry what will happen with your current announcements. They'll be there, just with missing the extra features, unless if your decide to edit them. What it does Improves the Announcements section, by adding these extra features: Use Prefixes (as many as you want) to categorize your Announcements. Ability to add a Photo Ability to add a YouTube video Shows all these in Announcement Listing Search for text in: Title, Article text, or in Both Clickable Prefixes to show Announcements only for that Category Adds full Open Graph meta tags, for social share (including photo) Social Share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Special design for your Homepage Multilingual Early Bird Discount 20% valid till Thursday 04 Mar 2021 Use Coupn Code: EBKISAPLUS LIVE DEMO
  12. Hello, Is there any function to prepare the single announcement link depending on site settings for links? I want to use it in a hook and what I know at that time is the Announcement id eg the Basic URL is index.php?rp=/announcements/4/This-is-the-3nd-post.html I wish to be a magic code and have it eg $link = getAnnouncementLink($id) ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‚ Thank you Chris
  13. @brian! If you ever decide to write a book, .... how you call it... "Tips & Tricks"?? for WHMCS, let me know. I'll be the first who will pre-order it and for sure it will becomes Best Seller among the community 😃
  14. ...hahahaha...... I must admit that once more you kicked me out of the ring @brian! 😂 Never thought that it can be named "view....". I was looking in the templates starting with "A" and into the includes/ I believe that I'll succeed it, but finally I can modify $announcement.text by inserting code at the begining and at the end. THANK YOU !
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