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  1. If, after checking Homepage Builder, you see my site messed, then is a browse cache issue. I haven't updated my site to a Bootstrap 4 template, so is normal sometimes Homepage Builder, which is Bootstrap 4, to mess my design. Please Click Ctrl+F5 to clear your cache, or use this link to revert to normal template: https://www.whmup.com/?systpl=whmup Thank you
  2. Strange. Just tested the links and everything works fine: Announcements https://whmcs.teriakis.com/announcements Cart https://whmcs.teriakis.com/store/w Community https://whmcs.teriakis.com/portal.php But please give a look to the bundle that I've released with the above 3 modules, plus Legal Agreements, plus Homepage Builder https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/5961-whmcs-deluxe But if that messing in my site was after checking the Homepage Builder, then is a browse cache issue. Click Ctrl+F5 to clear your cache, or use this link to revert to normal template: https://www.whmup.com/?systpl=whmup Thank you Chris
  3. Hello, As a way to help you to improve your WHMCS website at a minimal cost, I released WHMUp Deluxe which is a bundle of 5 easy to use, but still powerful, WHMCS modules: WHMUp Homepage Builder KiS Cart KiS Announcements KiS Community WHMUp Legal Agreements & Cookies The cost is under $10/mo available for Semi-Annually, Annually, and Triennially (Lifetime) Payments, as follow: Semi-Annually - $50 Annually - $85 Triennially (Lifetime) - $170 If you want to order: https://www.whmup.com/product.php?do=product&pid=12 Clients who bought Legal Agreements or any other of the above modules and wish to upgrade, will pay only the price difference. Please contact to get instructions on how to do it. Best Regards, Chris
  4. Forget manual homepage template edits. WHMUp Deluxe (Homepage Builder version), is the only tool that you need to create a nice homepage working from the admin area. All sections are configurable, you can also turn them On/Off, or change the display order on your homepage. All sections have real time preview in admin area so you don't need to visit the public area to test how they appear. Current Sections: Hero Slider Features - Highlights (3 blocks) About Us Our Services Pricing Table Our Team Portfolio Testimonials On Tuesday, May 25, 2021 I'll release ver. 1.1 with the follow additional sections. Domain Checker Common Questions Partners Statistics Finally, on Friday, May 28, 2021 I'll release ver. 1.2 with the rest sections, which actually are sections displaying data from my own modules (WHMUP and KiS Series). WHMUp Foro WHMUp Blog KiS Announcements KiS Community (Discussions, Questions, Suggestions) KiS Community (Reviews) KiS Cart 1st Block KiS Cart 2nd Block Live Demo with the current ready sections active: https://www.whmup.com/builder.php?systpl=builder PS: The cookies bar is not part of the module. It comes from my website Legal Agreement module. More Information: https://www.whmup.com/product.php?do=product&pid=11
  5. Just read Matt's Blog post. Have been speechless. What if the team didn't "worked really hard to minimise the increase" and left themselves free to set the new prices as they want? 🤪
  6. 5 Invited reviews, with 5 stars rating, last 3 days at https://www.trustpilot.com/review/whmcs.com This means that WHMCS kept at least 5 clients 🤪😂
  7. Fair request. And if they don't want to release new features, let's say that it can be acceptable. But security patches is a must.
  8. The only reason that I'm staying with WHMCS is that I need it for development and demostration. Have much better script for my own site. But I realized that WHMCS clients don't like to see something else than WHMCS on my site. And as long as I'm paying even for a development/demo installation, I'm also using it for billing. I'm not prisoner of WHMCS. I can leave it even tomorrow without the need to move to another software.
  9. Even if I don't plan to switch to any other software, if I had to do it, most probably I've to go with https://www.wisecp.com Seeing it from developer's side seems to be more functional and the price is good. Just my opinion. As I said, I'll stay with WHMCS as new pricing model has no any bad effect to me. This in no way means that I found fair what they did especially to own license holders.
  10. Just to make clear something. The only that I want is to change: Font colors Background colors
  11. Hello all, Any css guru out there to help me on how I can modify the NavBar of Twenty-one theme to look like the Six Theme? Thank you in advance Chris
  12. As I seen, almost all of you, you're focusing only to price incremental, bypassing the main problem which is the price per client. That's wrong. WHMCS is a software. It can have different price per installations or per support periods or for brand free only. Is not your business partner to get commission per client. I'm buying scripts since 1998. Only at Codecanyon I've more than 100. Is the first time (or among very few ones), that I seen a pricing tier like this. I think that first that I see was cPanel few months ago. And what is really a "Client"? Client can be someone who paid a monthly hosting plan and then left out. Client is also someone who pay you $2/mo for a shared hosting account, or $10/mo for a VPS, or $50/mo for a dedicated etc etc. Are all these types of Client same? I mean financially. Surely not. So why to pay per client? (once more to make clear that I don't agree at all with this style). If WHMCS (or any similar software) want to become a financial partner with you, at least let's try to by fair. And the only fair solution that I can think is to put tiers in your actual monthly income. Not the best, but much better than pay per client.
  13. I totally agree on this, even if not all people can do this. But again, is a great advantage.
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