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  1. raiyen

    WHMCSServices Team Communication Issue

    @wsa we can play the blame game and I am pretty sure where it will end. We have all the facts in the ticket and emails. But that is not what I am interested about. I am much more interested with your capabilities and your ability to solve this matter. I am pretty sure you are able to do this as you have claimed that you were able to finish few integrations before. Let us move forward and get this done instead of wasting time answering posts here. Also, please check your support@devwhmcs.com email as well as I am getting a bounce report. We look forward for the result.
  2. raiyen

    WHMCSServices Team Communication Issue

    Hi @wp4all, Thank you for the suggestion and I do understand very well what you mean. But posting here makes them respond to my ticket - if you know what I mean. From the time I have posted this issue here, I am getting faster response (5-7 days from nada) and everytime I post a request to answer my ticket, then I get a response at least but still too slow. I have been asking them their email and only today I received it. From hereon, I will be communicating with them via email and ticket but still, I will record every experience good and bad in this thread if you guys allow me to use this venue -- and of course if they won't respond, I will poke again here. I do apologize if this thread has somewhat become a nuisance but my objective here is to let everyone know how good this team/company in doing projects and solving client concerns. Please bear with me. This would really help current and potential customers who are planning to engage with them. Cheerio!
  3. raiyen

    WHMCSServices Team Communication Issue

    Hi @wsa, Requesting for support as I still haven't received any response from your team. Even if we have different time, it shouldn't take 5 days to be able to respond. Cheers!
  4. raiyen

    WHMCSServices Team Communication Issue

    Hi @wsa, I have replied the possible solution that you can use. Please read my response on the ticket and get back to me as soon as able. Cheers!
  5. raiyen

    WHMCSServices Team Communication Issue

    We are not allowed to Skype in the office. Maybe we can utilize your ticketing service. Feel free to respond on our ticket or create another ticket for us to communicate concerns. I am receiving a very very low response rate from your team. It would take at least or more than 7 days before a response is made for a very simple question/requirement to answer. I have emailed the registry to get some of your requirements and when the registry responds and forwarded you their feedback, then again I have to wait in vain for a very unhelpful response from you. It would be much appreciated if you are able to expedite this one. The original timeline is 2w-1m and it is more than 3 months already. The delay is more than 3 times the estimated time of delivery. Our company initiatives are halted as this is the first and the most important step before we can move further. We have lost too much. Thank you for understanding this urgency. We trusted that you are able to deliver. You guys were suggested to us because someone trusted you. We expect that you live up to your reputation. Cheers!
  6. raiyen

    WHMCSServices Team Communication Issue

    Hi @wsa, Thank you for looking into this. But may I know how long am I going to wait? As checked, still no reply from your end. I would really appreciate a response and a solution -- or perhaps know the we are already moving. Cheers!
  7. raiyen

    WHMCSServices Team Communication Issue

    Hi @wsa, Ticket is #2018-f6932. Hi @wp4all, Thank you for sharing your experience but we can't just stop here as we have paid 50% already. Unless they return the money, then we will immediately terminate. Anyway, they have already replied and these guys seems to be so unprofessional. See their response: While it is perfectly normal and understandable to experience some difficulties during the development, what is unacceptable is that when they stop the development and leave the customers hanging. No replies nor updates whatsoever. And I already replied last 15th of Oct 2018 but as of this writing, no reply from them is received. I don't know if I can still trust these guys. I even bought a module to support them -- believing that they are the one who can deliver my requirements. The team was just suggested to me so I was under the impression that they are really good. Turned out to be a disaster. But I am still looking forward that they are able to finish the module and somehow regain our company's trust as we have a lot of things that needs development. But for now, I am really dissatisfied. I apologize for airing my frustrations. Hopefully @wsa is able to turn this project active again.
  8. Hi All, I am a client of WHMCSServices and have been having a problem with communication with them. Are you experiencing no response from them as well? I have this Custom Registrar Module requirement that is currently being developed by them. It started July and up until now, it is not done. We seldom hear from them for any detailed update. They just reply that they are doing it and experiencing errors. Please let me know if you are having issues with them also and how you are communicating now. We have already paid half and it is very alarming and frustrating that it took them almost 3 months already from the original estimate of between 2 weeks to one month if I remember it correctly. Plus the no reply attitude. It's not that we are asking update daily. We are actually asking update after a week or 2 to give them more time for work. But nonetheless, until now no response. If you are able to contact them, please do link me to their support. Thank you very much.
  9. raiyen

    Custom Registar Module

    Wow! Thanks for the help!
  10. raiyen

    Custom Registar Module

    Actually, I am looking for a developer. No time to develop. Can you suggest?
  11. raiyen

    Custom Registar Module

    for [.COM].SG. Did you use the dummy Registrar Module in GIT? How did you plug it to WHMCS for use?
  12. raiyen

    Custom Registar Module

    Anyone successful creating a new/custom Registrar Module?
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