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  1. Hi Brian, Thank you for your reply. Its good to know its not the php file though. I havent been able to speak to the staff who performed the back up yet due to time zone differences. I replied to your PM with some other questions for the translated areas btw, please check it out if you have the spare time. However, as you mentioned its probably better to delete all WHMCS files from the server and perform another restore. Also, what is your take on updating to the latest version in this state? As mentioned in the PM I really do not want to set domain prices from scratch again. I will do what I can on my end too but you have been good help to see how we should proceed regarding this issue. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Kevin
  2. Hi Brian, Thank you very much for your reply. We have indeed tried to re-upload the japanese.php but the corresponding translated strings was not applied. I will have to speak with the member who performed the backup for details and get back to you. However, as far as I know, we used the database backup feature within WHMCS during the update process and we backed up all our files from our FTP as well. I am not certain the exact method used to revert back to V7.4.2 but I do have the feeling that was the major action that caused this problem. Okay I will take note of this advise and forward to our team as well. I also sent a PM to you with our japanese.php file for further review. Again, thank you for your time. I will get back to you with detailed information about our revert process. Please keep me up to date if you find out something. Kind regards, Kevin
  3. Dear WHMCS community,? We are working on a Ecommerce website using WHMCS. Recently, we tried updating from from WHMCS V7.4.2 to V7.5.2. and then reverting back to 7.4.2 with our backed up files we took right before we updated since our page was not displaying properly. our site seems to be working okay now but it seems that some previously translated areas in /public_html/lang/japanese.php no longer shows on the website. We checked the lines and the php file it self but it seems to be the proper backup file but it is not loading some of the the translated areas in /public_html/lang/japanese.php anymore. For example the clientHomePanels area https://wh1.us/clientarea.php Please see below for examples along with my attached image. public_html/lang/japanese.php Line:1762 $_LANG['clientHomePanels']['overdueInvoices'] = "未払情報"; //Overdue Invoices Line:1766 $_LANG['clientHomePanels']['activeProductsServices'] = "ご利用中の製品/サービス"; //Your Active Products/Services Line:1770 $_LANG['clientHomePanels']['recentSupportTickets'] = "最新のサポートチケット"; //Recent Support Tickets Line:1768 $_LANG['clientHomePanels']['recentNews'] = "お知らせ"; //Recent News Line:1769 $_LANG['clientHomePanels']['affiliateProgram'] = "アフィリエイトプログラム"; //Affiliate Program Has anyone run into this phenomenon before? Any pointers on what could be the root cause of this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello, I know its a shot in the dark regarding japanese.php files but if possible we are looking for translated php files for the following directories below. template: /modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/lang/WHMCS: /lang/ Could anyone be willing to share the file with us in order to save some time?
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