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  1. gfserver999

    Cron not sending emails

    Hello Chris, I'm sorry for the delay because I was moving to another VPS, now it's working fine Many thanks for your answer. Regards
  2. gfserver999

    Cron not sending emails

    Hello, I've changed email settings form mail() to SMTP and it is working now, but what should it be? Thanks!
  3. Hello,, I have changed my VPS main shared IP and now the cron job is executing but is not sending emails. I haven't changed anything, I have in my cPanel: 0 3 */2 * * php -q /home/intergf/crons/domainsync.php */5 * * * * php -q /home/intergf/crons/cron.php I can see in the WHMCS the generated invoices , reminders, backup, etc. and in Settings */5 * * * * php -q /home/intergf/crons/cron.php and OK bue is not sending emails. In SSH entered command php /home/my-user/crons/cron.php all --force --email-report and I am not getting any report emails, some new clients subscribed today and emailed asking for the invoice number because they are not receiving the email also. I have configured WHMCS to send me the database backup to my email and still getting nothing. Any ideas please? Many thanks in advance Regards
  4. gfserver999

    Total amount of invoice limit

    Thanks Brian! many many thanks, I really appreciate your answer. Kind Regards!
  5. gfserver999

    Total amount of invoice limit

    Hello Brian! meant for now, but I know that in anytime I will need to do it. What I don't have much clear is in what tables I have to do the change for domains prices, products prices and invoices prices and totals, so I don't want to mess it up. Also you said "Anyway it's not recommended." I saw tblpricing, tblinvoices, tblinvoiceitems. That's all? In the other hand if there is an upgrade, Will I lose those changes? Apologize my poor english Thanks!
  6. gfserver999

    Total amount of invoice limit

    Hello!, well I think this is a must have because the system is limiting administrators in the way we manage our products and services, I could do the fields change but I won't. Thanks for your answers guys Regards
  7. gfserver999

    Total amount of invoice limit

    Thanks Kian, I see. I hope in any further updgrade, WHCMS developers keep in mind that in many countries is needed, 14,2 Kind Regards
  8. gfserver999

    Total amount of invoice limit

    Hello, I have a similar problem here, in products, domains prices and invoices I can't display an amount over 99.999.999. How to fix that? Thanks! Regards
  9. gfserver999

    WHCMS Disable Specific TLD transfer

    Hello @WHMCS ChrisD Thank you!, regards
  10. gfserver999

    WHCMS Disable Specific TLD transfer

    Hello, apologize, I found the solution, is inputing -1 in renewal Kind Regards
  11. Hello, ¿how can I disable domain transfer on specific(s) TLD and keep registration and renewal? Any ideas please? Thanks very much Regards
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