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  1. Ours is also above root also but only works with 755. Emails bounce back with denied with 644.
  2. The pipe.php requires it to function correctly. https://docs.whmcs.com/Email_Piping
  3. Hi, Every time we update Whmcs, the permissions for the pipe.php file get reset to 644 from 755. We've had to manually change this for the last few updates once we noticed our piping wasn't working. There may be user who won't even notice their piping isn't working anymore. Are we supposed to manually update the permissions on every update? Thanks
  4. I guess this can be closed. The dropdown issue also resolved.
  5. Never got this resolved and just noticed if i try to create a new email template, support is not an option in the dropdown for email type. Is this normal? Not sure if it's connected Edit: Ok not sure about not having the option in the dropdown but can't believe all this time i missed "The subject of the email support ticket email templates cannot be modified", aghhhh. 🧐
  6. Hi everyone, I made some changes to the "Support Ticket Auto Close Notification" email template and just noticed that the changed body is ok but the "subject" line does not change no matter how we format it. Is there a valid reason why Whmcs does this? Trying to make a simple change like: Support Ticket #{$ticket_id} Closed Instead of just the ticket # and subject. Thanks
  7. Also just to confirm, on New domain transfers the nameservers would be set as ours but on domain transfers, standard operations are that the nameservers do not auto update and it's the clients responsibility to change them when they are ready, correct? Sorry for all the questions and if they are silly.
  8. Thanks again Peter. I just checked and no domain transferred successfully email was sent and the nameservers did not update so i will have to check with Namesilo. I doubt they will update it as it hasn't been updated since 2015 i believe. And i'll look into the hook/get someone to set that up. Appreciate your help.
  9. Hi Peter, When a client transfers in a domain and chooses to use our nameservers, i still see the old nameservers in their account. Once the domain transfer is complete, will the nameservers update and if so when? Or do we have to manually update the nameservers? We use the Namesilo module if that matters. Thanks
  10. Awesome. Thank you so much for the detailed answers Peter.
  11. Hi everyone, Have a few questions : Is the successful domain transfer email only sent if using the Enom module? We use Namesilo and that email is never auto sent. Should Whmcs be sending overage warning emails about disk space/bandwidth? I notice that when a ticket is closed after the amount of time we have configured (set to 5 days), a ticket closed email is not sent but just a rate the ticket email is sent. I have checked and rechecked all settings. Is there a setting that could prevent this from being sent? The email template is there and active. Appreciate any help on these. Thanks
  12. Great, thanks. Seemed like the best way of doing it.
  13. Hi guys, I have a client who was trying to upgrade their plan but instead added a new 2nd plan. The 2nd plan has already been paid for and provisioned. Is it best to just cancel, refund and then have client upgrade correctly / upgrade them from Whmcs or is there another way to fix this in Whmcs? Thanks
  14. Hey everyone. While i was testing other sites that have this implemented, i did find flaws exactly like @brian! mentioned. Searching for just .edu emails in Google was enough to show the demand for them to benefit from discounts just like this one. I guess id verification would be the next step. Either have them upload or use 3rd party company to do it.
  15. Thank you very much everyone for the answers. Looks like it's not a built in or simple process. And as mentioned even if we do implement it then there's the whole verification side of it. I'll look/think into it more. Appreciate it.

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