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  1. Hello, We are using the Softaculous autoinstaller and one of the custom product fields is 'Admin Pass:' This gets sent in the 'order confirmation' email to the customer. Is there any way for it not be included in the email? Thanks
  2. Well there we go again 😉 All sorted. Just needs some styling but got it done.
  3. Hi everyone, Is it possible to get the domain search and transfer shown in the attached image on to one of our WordPress pages? This one is perfect since it passes the input to the search or transfer fields. Thanks Update: I got the integration code for 'domain ordering' integration from Whmcs and the 'search' button works ok. How can i add the transfer button like above and have it pass the info also. Thanks Integration code now: <form action="/cart.php?a=add&domain=register" method="post"> Find your Domain: <input type="text" name="query" size="20" /> <input type="submit" value="SEARCH" /> </form>
  4. Sorry if you could point me the right way again. I also tried to add the image in the client area domain addons but couldn't get it. I thought the file clientareadomainaddons.tpl would be the one i need to add it to? Thanks 😀 Well it looks like all i have to do is ask you and then keep trying and it works. All sorted now.
  5. Hey Brian, sorry should have been more clear. Yeah even if we could just set a image like that so that during signup they actually see a clear example of what ID Protect actually is. I've changed the language file already but would be nice to have the image also. Actually i think we got it. Thanks for pointing out the template file. Appreciate it.
  6. Hi, How can we get something like shown here https://docs.whmcs.com/index.php?title=File:Idprotect_docs_showcase.png&limit=20 to upsell domain ID Protection? Thanks
  7. SSL's from DigiCert via MarketConnect is probably the easiest to setup.
  8. Hi there, Sorry if these are silly questions but i've read tons of threads on multiple forums that the best practice is to split your whmcs/main-site from clients sites. That's exactly what we want to do now but i've yet to find a post that explains in detail what to do. Maybe it's obvious but i'm going to ask so i can be certain before we start moving things. We are also changing providers (still deciding which one so will use examples for clarity) so this may be the best time to do this. From what I've read there's a few ways to do this including vps, dedicated etc but we aren't at that point yet. So the two options are either to get a shared hosting account with the current provider and move the whmcs/main-site there (different server) and that way we can still use the free WHMCS license or move the whmcs/main-site to a complete different provider but then we can't use the internal WHMCS license so only option would be to buy our own license. So, correct me if i'm wrong: Option 1: (move whmcs/main-site to different server on the same provider for example Hostgator) Buy a separate shared hosting plan Move whmcs/main-site to it Update nameservers Update server IP address in WHMCS Option 2: (move whmcs/main-site to a completely different provider for example Hostpapa) Buy shared hosting plan Move whmcs/main-site to it Update nameservers Buy WHMCS license Update server IP address in WHMCS There are cost differences but the main thing is to make sure it gets done right. Is there anything else that would need to be done? Any other suggestions? And is it normal for beginner/small resellers to have their clients with one provider like Hostgator and then their whmcs/main-site with another provider like Hostpapa? Does this make it easier for folks to find out you are a reseller? Thanks and appreciate any advice.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to setup a new site and use the affiliate system. I have my main site at website.com and our whmcs at my.website.com. After activated, the links are generated as https://my.website.com/*?aff=100. When that link is clicked, it goes to the main site website.com but when i check the backend under manage affiliates, I see hits under referrals but there are hits on the actual link but also hits with 'No Referrer'. The 'No Referrer' counter does go up when i use the link. I tried a test order and no affiliate commission was added. Any help or insight would be appreciated.
  10. Ours is also above root also but only works with 755. Emails bounce back with denied with 644.
  11. The pipe.php requires it to function correctly. https://docs.whmcs.com/Email_Piping
  12. Hi, Every time we update Whmcs, the permissions for the pipe.php file get reset to 644 from 755. We've had to manually change this for the last few updates once we noticed our piping wasn't working. There may be user who won't even notice their piping isn't working anymore. Are we supposed to manually update the permissions on every update? Thanks
  13. I guess this can be closed. The dropdown issue also resolved.
  14. Never got this resolved and just noticed if i try to create a new email template, support is not an option in the dropdown for email type. Is this normal? Not sure if it's connected Edit: Ok not sure about not having the option in the dropdown but can't believe all this time i missed "The subject of the email support ticket email templates cannot be modified", aghhhh. 🧐
  15. Hi everyone, I made some changes to the "Support Ticket Auto Close Notification" email template and just noticed that the changed body is ok but the "subject" line does not change no matter how we format it. Is there a valid reason why Whmcs does this? Trying to make a simple change like: Support Ticket #{$ticket_id} Closed Instead of just the ticket # and subject. Thanks
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