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  1. can someone please help me with this.
  2. Hello when i try to upgrade to WHMCS 7.5 i get the error stated below aand yes the templetes_c folder is chmod 777
  3. @WHMCS ChrisD Did you findout anything further regarding this i need this fixed as soon as possible.
  4. EDIT: Just Account Creation
  5. I have virtualmin installed on the same system as whmcs and that works just fine but cloudmin (On another server and network) does not
  6. Hello i am using WHMCS and Cloudmin i am using cloudmin to provide VPS Services to users and whenever an order is created i keep getting Curl Error: 56 - Recv failure: Connection reset by peer when my whmcs system trys to communicate with cloudmin. Cloudmin and whmcs are in separate data centers. Firewall rules are set to allow ports of both systems and nothing else seems to be blocking it i am trying to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. Thanks in advanced.
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