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  1. If I were to go into an invoice and go into the 'Options' tab and set the status to 'Paid' and save the invoice, that invoice amount does not update/reflect in the income graph. I am not sure if this is how it's intended to work. The income graph gets updated only when I use the "Mark Paid' option in the invoices list. There are cases where I do not want to use the 'Mark Paid' option since it automatically sends an email to the customer. What should I be doing to have an invoice income reflect in the income graph but at the same time NOT have the email go out to the customer?
  2. Outpower Hosting

    MIME Error with Feed

    Purrrfect!! Just to add, I had to bring the (dot) outside/before, so added the below line into the first $code just before the <select> tag. <font color="#fff" size="4px">. </font>
  3. Outpower Hosting

    MIME Error with Feed

    How do I make the /feeds/domainchecker.php output without the .(dot) before the domain extensions and yet be able to pass the info the WHMCS backend correctly? Right now, the drop down list of domain extensions are all with the (dot) before them, hence makes searchability an issue as the user has to press (dot) before typing in the first letter of the extension they are looking for. Not all users will be smart enough to figure this and for example if they are searching for .org domain and they just hit 'o' in the drop down list, nothing happens making them think the alphabetic search doesn't work within the drop down?
  4. Outpower Hosting

    MIME Error with Feed

    Thank you! You're a life saver! Test Page has been updated: https://www.outpowerhosting.com/domain-test.php I was actually hoping and praying that I do not have to go the PHP way because now matter how many optimizations, it still comes no where close to the load speeds for an HTML page. I was also thinking if I go PHP, it would be better to go with WordPress and something like WHMPress plugin for all the additional features but again WP was something I was trying to avoid for ease of maintenance and speed. One other question I did have was, if I have to maintain/store this variable value as the customer goes across all pages, do I just need an additional JS to check the window.url and modify if needed i.e outside of the onchage function apart from storing the variable that is? Another thing that I would like an opinion on is: Let's say I keep the page .html and add the below to htaccess, will it be still faster than a full file being processed as PHP or do you think the PHP processor will take the exact same time to load the page as a full .php page? I'm running some benchmarks to see this for myself now. AddType application/x-httpd-php .html
  5. Outpower Hosting

    MIME Error with Feed

    Sorry, my reply was approved much later than your post. Please see my above post on how I got it to work. Also, I had to modify the domainpricing.php code as shown below so that it accepts ?currency= in the URL string to return the data based on currency. Now, here's where I ne ed some help. I have my custom HTML pages for our main website that is outside of the WHMCS system. I want the user to select a currency from a drop down, the page will refresh and based on which selection user made, that particular type of feed string will be executed. For example, if user selects currency 1, the feed string for the domainpricing table script should have ?currency=1 appended to the end of the src value. I've been stuck at this part for the last 2 days. This is my sample test dropdown code: <div> <select id="CurrV" onchange="getCurrV(this)"> <option selected="selected">Change Currency</option> <option value="1">INR</option> <option value="2">USD</option> <option value="3">EUR</option> </select> </div> Here are the scenarios I have considered in trying to build this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. User selects a currency from dropdown, the value is picked by Javascript and then processes an if statement that checks value of variable and then selects the preformed src script eg: if (xyz == 1) { <script type="text/javascript" src="portal/feeds/domainpricing.php?currency=1"></script> }else if (xyz == 2) { <script type="text/javascript" src="portal/feeds/domainpricing.php?currency=2"></script> }else <script type="text/javascript" src="portal/feeds/domainpricing.php?currency=3"></script> }}} This is obviously not going to work because I can't have a script inside a script. I have tried other ways to get the script generated using variable assigning and appending etc. but that doesn't seem to execute although the if logic is working. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. The other method I have tried holds more promise. in this method, I have the value that is fetched from the drop down and then appended to the 'src' of the script. This is precisely where I am stuck at. i.e couldn't find a logic/method to have it appended to the static src value. <script> function getCurrV(curr) { var curvalue = curr.value; //console.log(curvalue); var url_now = "https://www.outpowerhosting.com/domain-test.html"; //console.log(url_now) var url_new = url_now + '?currency=' + curvalue; //console.log(url_new) window.location = url_now + '?currency=' + curvalue; //var feed_link = "portal/feeds/domainpricing.php" + '?currency=' + curvalue; //console.log(feed_link); <script type="text/javascript" src='feed_link'></script> /* This is where I need help */ } </script> Again, the above code is for concept demonstration purposes only, I realize you can't just pass the variable feed_link in the src or have a script inside a script. I have tried several different methods of trying to have the script line generated dynamically but have failed. What I would like help with is, if someone could tell me if the current methods are possible, and if yes, any direction would be helpful. Also, is there a better way to pass the currency value to the domainpricing.php file without resorting to hacking the src attribute? Thanks in advance.
  6. Outpower Hosting

    MIME Error with Feed

    I fixed this by adding the below line in the domainpricing.php feed file header("Content-Type: text/javascript"); So, am I to conclude that this is a bug/omission in the feed file that it's not passing the MIME type properly?
  7. Outpower Hosting

    MIME Error with Feed

    I am facing some difficulty with integrating the feed output into an HTML page. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong. Test page to display domain pricing table: https://www.outpowerhosting.com/portal/domain-test2.html Error: Refused to execute script from 'https://www.outpowerhosting.com/portal/feeds/domainpricing.php' because its MIME type ('text/html') is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled. My htaccess file already has the following: <IfModule mime_module> AddType application/x-httpd-ea-php56 .php .php5 .phtml </IfModule>
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