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  1. Hey Brian, Again, great to have your feedback 🙂 You're right, could generate sitemap outside of WHMCS. That's the way to go! Cheers mate!
  2. Thank you for hijacking Brian 😄 Happy new year! Your feedback is always the most valuable. Much appreciated. I checked the thread, it's really helpful, thanks. I am a novice, unlike you. Please could you advise on how the code above be modified to create sitemaps for custom pages (created with a module called WHMCMS) and announcements? Best, Frazer
  3. Hope you'll find time for that, Kian! All the best!
  4. rdomains

    Knowledgebase Social Sharing

    This is great, thanks! Where did you add this and does it still work? Also, is there similar code for "Announcements"?
  5. Hi Kian, Thanks for replying. We create custom pages using another module, and also create posts in knowledgbase, and announcements. We are looking for a module to automatically create Sitemaps for those pages and posts. 🙂
  6. Great. Could you make a stand-alone module for Sitemaps?
  7. Wow. Weebly indeed is a disaster. Have you looked at the other available site builders?
  8. There's still no suitable page builder for WHMCS out there. Will WHMCS or a developer release a solution that is modern and one that works?
  9. Great to know you're working on it. Maybe you can include with parking page and contact form, an option to set domains price, and use whmcs cart to sell the domain from the parking page and accept payment just like afternic and sedo. Maybe also provide the option to accept offers, and display advertisements. It will be very popular.
  10. Great addon. Would be great if this can also allow domain owners to sell their domain on a parking page with a contact form. Can it do that?
  11. Hey Christian, that looks great. Thanks! Finally managed to speak to GRI support team who went out of the way to help us set up. So far so good. They're working on the English version of their website which will make it easier to sign up. Thanks Brian. I'll check that out as well. 🙂 Guys: I am grateful for your feedback and advice. ❤️ Warm regards, Frazer
  12. Hi Christian, 🙂 Thanks for this. The trouble is even with the Google Translate, the website doesn't allow registration of new customers as it asks for a Turkish Mobile Phone Number during the signup process. I am in England and haven't got energy to travel and get a mobile number there to complete the sign up process. 😉 You are absolutely right, it doesn't make good sense to be a customer with this level of complexity in the initial sign up process. It's a shame there aren't many alternative available in WHMCS Page Editing, or are there?
  13. We can't sign up for a trial on your website because your website asks for a Turkish phone number and is in Turkish language which we can't understand. We reported this problem on your Facebook page too a month ago and someone from your page asked me to send the emails address so you can register manually for a trial. I provide the email address a month ago and so far there's no response. How can one sign up for your products when signing up with you is impossible and you don't respond to your customers?
  14. rdomains

    let's encrypt module?

    Heyy Christian, Many thanks for the kind reply. Say if I just sell domains with Weebly Sitebuilder on my WHMCS website, and in that case there won't be any cPanel/Server access available to the End User. How can the End-User then enable Let's Encrypt from Client Area in WHMCS? Is there an Add-on or instructions for that? Warm regards, Frazer

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