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  1. Pop Alexandra

    CRM Integration

    I use a software ERP, but I assume the integration is different depending on the program.
  2. When will the next update be released? Thanks in advance! ___________________________________________________________ Alexandra from Clarvision
  3. I would be interested in a course on WHMCS customization in case there is any online platform through which I can attend. Thanks in advance! _____________________________________ Alexandra Also check out courses from W2C
  4. Pop Alexandra

    Custom Clients Report

    I would also be interested in all manners of reporting. Is there a guide anywhere? _____________________________________________________ Alexandra from Transfer Pricing
  5. Pop Alexandra

    Website Builder For WHMCS

    I would also be interested in some updates, if available. In the meantime I'll give SitePad a try. ______________________________________ Alexandra from Studio Azura
  6. Pop Alexandra

    Transfer Pricing

    You may consider trying to contact TPS if you're still looking for pricing solutions.
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