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    Help with Paypal in sandbox and invoice generation

    Hi ChrisD, I am still searching for a solution... WHMCS is installed under WHM & CPANEL enviroment but I think this isn't the problem. When I pay an order from the frontend with paypal sandbox, and after this I go to administration under order I see the unpaied invoice. In the gateway log page I see the paypal order with the below data, under "pending" status. (I edited track data changed email with example data) mc_gross => 36.60 protection_eligibility => Ineligible address_status => confirmed payer_id => KSUU9VVEMVRRR tax => 0.00 address_street => asas payment_date => 00:42:10 Feb 16, 2018 PST payment_status => Pending charset => windows-1252 address_zip => 13900 first_name => Michele address_country_code => IT address_name => Cliente Prova Solo Hosting Cliente Prova Solo Hosting notify_version => 3.9 custom => 54 payer_status => verified address_country => Italy address_city => asas quantity => 1 verify_sign => A3WWWLByyyyyytv4KC0EBXktw3qA5n5ICbOphv7dX6l5555551Jte3. payer_email => example-sandbox@doctype.it txn_id => 63H455555V033333L payment_type => instant last_name => Sandbox address_state => BI receiver_email => software@example.it pending_reason => unilateral txn_type => web_accept item_name => Example Srl - Fattura #54 mc_currency => EUR item_number => residence_country => IT test_ipn => 1 transaction_subject => payment_gross => ipn_track_id => c4dddd7425aza On paypal portal I see the order correctly? Any suggestion?
  2. I installed whmcs (with pro license) on a test server to try it and create a DNS registration system for our customer. We have setted paypal sandbox and every order placed in sandbox was completed but the invoice remain unpaid and the order incomplete. I see the Billing -> Gateway Log and in this page i find the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) messages with the data logs. Also on the paypal developer portal I see the genereted orders soo the gateway is run correctly but the invoice stay to unpaid status. I readed the WHMCS documentation but I don't understand why the order invoice is unpaid... I expected that with paypal gateway that the invoice is paid and the order auto setted to complete with Namecheap DNS registration. There is a specific configuration to set to get this result? Someone can help him?
  3. m.azzalin.doc

    Help with WHMCS order configuration

    Very thanks @twhiting9275, the hook it's working and the problem is solved. I like your way of thinking about help on the forums. I used the search button before to write my question, but I'm inexpert in WHMCS world and I haven't understand all the response in the finded questions. When I realized the hook process, I read the developer documentation to understand events and internal api. With your example I resolved my question in 10 minutes, in a context where I'm setting WHMCS for a simple company request, when our business is different and also my skills. Thanks a lot!
  4. m.azzalin.doc

    Help with WHMCS order configuration

    Hi! Thaks to all for the reply. Friday I was trying the hook script way. Comparing the @twhiting9275 script, the hook event I using is correct but my script problem is in api internal api calls. Today at work I try directly your script.
  5. Hi, I'm an italian web developer and I'm working with a fresh WHMCS 7.0 installation and it's configuration. (Plus license version) I'm new with this platform and I'm searching a solution to auto confirm status order after the invoices pass to paid status. For example, a client place a new order with paypal and the new placed order cause it's payed with paypal, has the invoice in paid status. When the status become paid the order status automatically become in complete status with the domain registration with namecheap. I've already set namecheap for domain registration but I can't find in the configurations a way to auto confirm the order status when the invoice is paid. There is a setting in setup voices? Or I need to install an addon to do this?
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