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  1. John, thank you very much. This solved my problem.
  2. Thanks for your input, however I know the problem is not the password, I know my password is correct. I also checked the banned IPs table, it's empty. This could be it. I've disabled session IP option, and I'll try logging in again as soon as I get home. Thanks!
  3. Just had a thought, is there a feature on WHMCS where it only allows connection from a certain IP? I upgraded WHMCS at the office. But that doesn't explain why I can login via a proxy server out of US... hmm.. Could my ISP's IP at home somehow blacklisted, and WHMCS doesn't allow connection from a blacklisted IP address?
  4. Yes, I'm using custom admin directory, but I made sure the admin files are uploaded to the right folder. So no problem there. I tried the "Remember me until I log out" both ticked and unticked too, but no dice. The other strange thing is, apart from the fact that I can login just find at home using a proxy server (ultrasurf), turns out I can also login just fine from my office. But still, can't do it at home without proxy. Same laptop. Could this be an ISP issue? DNS problem? I'm confused.
  5. Hello everybody, I have a problem with WHMCS, and hoping someone here may be able to help me. I recently upgraded to v 5.1.2. Upgrade went well, and I was able to login to admin normally afterward. However, today, when I tried to login to admin, although I'm 100% sure that username and password are correct, I could not login to admin in WHMCS. At all. I could error out if I gave the wrong password, but I could not actually login if I was right. It always automatically comes back to the ../admin/login.php page, as if I had just open it. I tried the "forgotten password" function, it was working. Password was reset, and new password was sent to email. But still I can't login. I tried 3 different browsers, and clean all cache before logging in, still not working Strangely enough, I could login if I use proxy to login. I used ultrasurf. I also had someone access it from outside, and it was accessible. Can anyone here help determine what the problem could be? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Greg
  6. problem solved, it was a procedural mistake. I created the account but left the order status as pending. I should've accepted the order.
  7. I found out that I can send the email manually through the client's products & services, which is better than nothing. But I still don't understand why it's not automatically sending those welcome emails when the account is created.
  8. Help anyone? Any ideas? It's really difficult when clients are not receiving their welcome email with instructions to access their account...
  9. Hello, This is something that I just noticed, my WHMCS is not sending product emails. All the other emails are sent, just not the product emails. Any ideas why this is happening? My account activation procedure is I go to invoice -> add payment. Then I go to client's products & services -> create. Should I be doing something else? Thanks, Greg
  10. Hi Matt, where can I get the sendmessage.php bug fix from?
  11. Hello, I have the exact same problem. Is this a bug? I'm using WHMCS 3.8.1
  12. I see. Alright then.. thanks Matt. Hopefully they'll soon release their final API.
  13. My only reason for not going with Enom is that I don't have to pay any upfront fee with namecheap, but still able to get competitive pricing on domain prices. In regards to Namecheap's API, here's some good news, they are building it ATM. Here's what they told me: So... can we finally have namecheap on WHMCS?
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