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  1. donostiarra

    Custom descriptive text

    Sorry, yes, I was talking about this widget: (Because we have several customers with same products, and sometimes it's hard to know what product is each, all of the with same description... (the no hosting products have same name all of them...)
  2. donostiarra

    Custom descriptive text

    Thanks! It's very useful. It's yours? Unfortunately, some features would be missing, such as the name appearing on the invoice, in the Start Widget of the client area, which can be edited from the admin (outside the ticket system, for example, by editing the service options ... )
  3. donostiarra

    Custom descriptive text

    Hello. Is there any way to add descriptive text or manual annotation to each product, and that it appears in the customer and invoice area? We have customers with several identical products, and we need to be able to add some annotation or individual description to differentiate products. Is there anyone with the same need? How could it be resolved? Thank you.
  4. donostiarra

    First pay for 3 months?

    Hi. I would like to know if it is possible to apply this configuration to a service. It is a monthly service, but I wish it had a minimum contract of 3 months. First activation, quarterly payment. Monthly renewals thereafter. Would there be any way? Thank you!
  5. That's works! Thanks!!
  6. Hi. I have detected (although I believe that in the previous version it was already happening), that when using a custom proforma number in WHMCS, when viewing the proforma invoice by the customer, the custom proforma number appears correctly, but when choosing the transfer payment bank, it is indicated that when making the payment you must indicate the proforma number, but here the personalized one does not appear, but the original one. I think I remember that in previous versions the custom proforma number also appeared here. Somebody could help me? Thank you.
  7. donostiarra

    SCA compliance vs 7.8 Bugs

    Is there any news or response from WHMCS to finish fixing the errors with Stripe? We need to update tomorrow day 14, but we would like it to have no errors ...
  8. And any update for v7.7 for Stripe? It's still on support... Thanks.
  9. donostiarra

    Mobile friendly admin dashboard

    Yes, that's important. And fully translatable widgets and dashboard... Still waiting for that...
  10. donostiarra

    [Locked]Stripe 3D Secure

    Hi. June is also over, and still waiting for an update...
  11. donostiarra

    App links strings translate

    Hello! Is any way to translate that strings? I tried editing in modules\servers\cpanel\data\application_links.json but still I see in English... It's any way? Thanks!
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