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  1. I only offer annual payment options for my client's website hosting, so it really isn't a lot of admin, plus I have never allowed auto-registrations for domain names. JetPack will be good enough to produce an invoice for me and it also links in with WooComerce for free, so while new orders may not have any automation for account setup in WHM or my other server, I don't have that many clients to warrant the need for it. If there was a WHMCS Lite that only offered billing and no automation I would be fine with paying something like $5 a month for it.
  2. I must have done it in a similar fashion - it was 2009 when it happened. I am not a developer so have no idea what "composer" is. I didn't see anything on FOSSBilling's website relating to install instructions. I will have another look, thanks.
  3. No longer supported. I looked at this but installation looks a bit too advanced. Indeed. Sooner or later the straw breaks the camel's back and that has happened for me. I cannot justify the cost of what WHMCS does. I'd be fine paying like $5 a month for it, but anything more than issuing invoices and recording transactions is not required and I don't want to pay for "features" that are of no use to me at all.
  4. I looked and couldn't find anything. Can you point one out?
  5. My mistake. There is more than one page of tables in phpmyadmin. Doh. When I started using this software in 2009 I had over 150 clients and it was costing me $10 a month via my hosting company's subsidised rate. The exchange rate to my local currency was 8:1 or thereabouts. I now have only about 40 clients, my WHMCS license costs me $18.95 and the exchange rate is close to 20:1. It doesn't make any sense for me to be using such a sophisticated and expensive tool when I can easily store what I need in a free CRM like JetPack and a calendar to remind me when to issue an invoice. Or I could use a spreadsheet to store the data.
  6. Not for very much longer. There's nothing that WHMCS offers me that I can't manage myself manually using spreadsheets and a calendar. Yes, it's admin, but I don't have that many clients, so to continue to pay the ridiculous monthly cost for this system is a bit daft. I am going to build my own manual system of billing but it seems that a lot of my data is being stored in places other than the mySQL database that WHMCS is supposed to run off. I am not happy that I can't export from phpmyadmin any data pertaining to my clients' domain names, the renewal dates or even what packages they have. Very fishy.
  7. I am looking through the WHMCS database in phpmyadmin and I am only seeing some of the data relating to my clients and my hosting business. I can see transactions, but I can't see invoice details in any table. Also, can't find clients' domains, renewal dates, etc, etc. Is this being kept in a remote database somewhere? If so where and why is this being done? Is it to prevent me from migrating my data to a different system? The data belongs to me, not WHMCS. Am I wrong in assuming that if they are remote storing some of the data tables this would be a serious breach of ethics?
  8. OK, what I did just now is I changed the client's profile to quarterly billing and ran the upgrade request. It didn't raise any invoice or show any amount due, so I am hoping that this is now correct. They should only receive a small invoice on the next quarterly bill. I do think that WHMCS should have figured out that the product billing cycle should take preference to the client's stored billing cycle if the client wants to upgrade to it.
  9. Unfortunately it did not do that. WHMCS wants to charge the client the difference on the basis of an annual payment, even though I have set up the product to only allow quarterly payments.
  10. Hi, I have a client who has recently paid for an annual hosting renewal on one of my bigger products. He now needs more space, so I have created a new package but I want this new package to only offer quarterly billing. If I do the upgrade on the system to this new package, how will WHMCS process the pro-rata for the annual package he has already paid for (3 months ago)? Will the system recognise the credit and then offset that against new invoices?
  11. I tried doing this with one client who had about 6 domain names. You basically change the renewal dates on all the domain names to the same time of year. The problem though is that it becomes confusing for your own registrar billing if you have sporadic names due and you haven't got notes - so make sure to place notes in the customer account file!
  12. Hi, Most of my clients are on an annual hosting plan with me, but because of the uncertainty of small business due to the lockdowns and such I would like to offer them the option of moving to a quarterly billing cycle. I know how to do this for products where the billing hasn't renewed yet, but how do I do it if the invoice for the next year has already been generated? Do we have to delete that invoice, change the billing cycle and hope that the cron will run it again? I'm hoping there is an easier way I haven't seen yet.
  13. Keep us informed if you do find something. There is so much potential for alternative private IMAP email solutions to work, but it needs much more robust support.
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