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  1. A client is asking me for an account statement for their financial year end. Where do they find this? Where do I find it if they can't access it?
  2. I have been using WHMCS since 2008 and I have to say that even while these billing changes don't hurt me by much (still less than 250 customers) I can see where this is all leading and I don't like it at all. In my opinion big tech is trying to dismantle the free and open internet in an insidious manner by increasing the barriers to entry for website entrepreneurs. First it's the software used on servers (cPanel licenses now count the number of accounts), then it's the software used to manage customers. The last pillar to fall will be the death of all open source software because there will be nowhere for people to host their websites other than on corporate owned spaces where they call the shots and set the bills. What I also found very interesting too recently, is that Invision Community Software (the same people who offer this community's platform) are stopping the module that allows one to sell and manage web hosting with their next release. It worked very well and I had tested it but because I have been using WHMCS for so long it didn't make sense to migrate my clients to there. Now I can't anyway. I'll continue along for now, but management here should know that their customers are watching their moves closely and as soon as there is a feasible alternative (viva competition!) they will feel their departure powerfully. Thank goodness I didn't expend too much effort on any of the MarketPlace offerings, otherwise I'd truly be stuck here.
  3. The ticket should never have been closed as there was never a resolution, so whoever closed it needs to explain why. The last response I got asked me to uninstall the iPhone app and reinstall it. I did that and replied to the email on the ticket. That reply seems to have gone missing on the ticket history, but I do have it in my sent items. The suggested solution did not work. What I am annoyed about is the lack of concern from support on getting this sorted and sorted in a short space of time. I provided all the necessary login info and nothing was done about it. Now they are asking me to supply it again. This is not great customer service and given that you want me to begin paying more for this software I must tell you that I am not in the slightest bit motivated to continue paying for something when support is this appalling.
  4. If I change my local IP address WHMCS will not log me in on my browser, regardless of what browser I am using. I am not offline, I have the correct password entered but the system just hangs and then tells me by email that there has been a failed login attempt. Using the app results in 8-9 failed login emails and an immediate IP ban. I lodged a ticket reporting this crazy behaviour on 22 April and still the "support" staff at WHMCS are batting me around like I am talking some kind of hogwash. Who owns this company? I would like to know why something that I have been paying for since 2008 is now misbehaving , but more importantly I want to know why the support people are doing NOTHING to assist me? I have provided all the requested information but here I am more than 2 weeks later and it still remains unresolved. I'd like an explanation.
  5. Ah, thanks! I just put an additional line just below my EFT deets with the merchant URL and it actually converted it to an active URL without any other code needed. Obviously I would prefer to neaten this up, so I will definitely give your idea a whirl. :)
  6. Brian, I have my EFT details hard coded into the template file just below the notes. However, I would also like to add a link to a merchant account that doesn't have an integration for WHMCS with a text instruction to enter the amount manually once on the landing page for the merchant. Is it possible to put a hyperlink into the PDF using some kind of Smarty tag? I see there are HTML tables, so there must be a way to put in a simple hyperlink. TIA.
  7. Oh yes, the migration tool from Gmail to OX Mail is very efficient and it brought over all my emails in a very short space of time - probably a couple of hours at most, whereas when I did this exercise after upgrading from Gmail to Google Workspace it took several days.
  8. Some feedback after using it on a couple of my own domains for a couple of months; it works well. Setup for email was easy enough, simple DNS change and then inputting the info into the email client. You do have to wait for DNS to propagate so some tests took a while to arrive when I first made the change. Setting up the iPhone app for OX Cloud is a bit clumsy as you are asked to input the server URL, which isn't obvious or easily remembered. The desktop app for OX Drive on macOS has some syncing issues when the computer is restarted. It seems to forget where the folder it needs to sync is located. The one thing I would like to do now is made some changes to the landing page in WHMCS to show the pricing options for longer terms. Is this even possible? Right now it only shows a monthly amount.
  9. No problem. I have been hunting for this and coming up empty, so I don't think its turned on for WHMCS. Hopefully somebody in a decision making capacity will be alerted to this email and we can do something about it. It's quite important.
  10. Thanks, but I can't seem to find this setting anywhere in my test account I have set up. Where is it?
  11. There are two things that are holding me back from launching this service to my customers, because I know I will be asked about it. 1. How can they get an email alias to work? This is important because lots of people have set up role based emails that all come to the same box (sales@, support@, etc). They won't want to run separate email boxes for those and have to pay for them. This is an easy setup in Gmail, so to compete we have to have a comparable service. 2. How can we move existing email from their server or local storage into OX Mail? The whole premise of offering large storage email boxes is to maintain an archive that can be accessed from any device, so this is important. Once I can answer those two questions I am primed to launch the service to my base. I think they will be ready for this.
  12. That would be great, thanks. I'm quite serious about moving over to OX from Google, but obviously need it to be a seamless transition if possible. The info on aliases being possible would also be handy.
  13. Still non-the-wiser regarding the use of aliases for email, or how the migration tool works. When you follow that link on the WHMCS generated email it takes you to a blank page. See here: https://migration.appsuite.cloud/
  14. Thanks, I have done that now. Obscurity isn't a good bedfellow for marketing prowess...
  15. Today I decided to pull the trigger on trying this out with MarketConnect for the first time. I registered a new domain, added the $20 to my MarketConnect account and bought the App Suite + Productivity option. I got pretty flustered when trying to set up the cloud storage because when you install this app via the App Store for Mac it will ask you for a server URL, plus your account login details. The server URL isn't shown anywhere so a client trying to set this up on their own is going to probably be even more frustrated than I was. I eventually figured it out, but still. Not cool. So once I had the cloud storage figured out I got it working - very happy with that. I then set up my email account in Mac Mail and that was fairly easy to do. I sent a test email from the new domain and it went through fine. When I replied to it the reply never arrived. There was no bounce notice either, so I put this down to DNS still propagating from the new domain name. The first test reply from iCloud actually just arrived a few minutes ago, as did my last from the same domain (at least 9 hours later), but all the other tests I did in between using GMail haven't arrived yet. Assuming this is probably still a DNS propagation issue. What I need to know before I consider this as a viable alternative to Google Workspace (ptooie!) is whether it is possible to set up email aliases? I can't see anything on their systems on how to do it. I have sent an email to their support, but I havent even received an acknowledgement of that. Does anybody have any experience in setting this up? Oh yes, one more thing, there's a post on this community about a promotion on this product where mailboxes are billed at 0.01c until March. I got billed the full $2 and some change. What's up with that?
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