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  1. I don't know if this is currently possible however I was wondering if there is a way to have different due date periods set for different products. For example, I am happy with how WHMCS does the automated billing for most services which usually happens a month in advance of the due date however for Business Internet, VoIP and PBXaaS services, I need the billing period to be 14 days in accordance with my service provider (who also uses WHMCS but has all of their services set for 14 days so this really doesn't help me much). At the moment I generate invoices accordingly: manually for adhoc labor and products 30 days in advance for hosting, domains, SSL and managed services (this is working fine as I only have to pay providers in the same time frame as my billing) 30 days in advance for Business Internet, VoIP, PBXaaS, Cloud Backup (my provider wants these invoices due 14 days after the invoice is issued) I guess what I am looking for is a way to have automated billing but set the billing period differently for different products/services. That way I can keep my exisiting hosting, domains, etc at 30 days but set my internet and VoIP services to be 14 days. I know this can be done in a round about way with billable items but its messy and time consuming to setup for individual clients who have recurring services and I don't think it shows properly on the client front end as to what services they are signed up for. Any assistance with this would be most appreciated as I want to implement the new due dates and payment policy on the 1st July.
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