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  1. Creative TaLantz

    Timezone showing differently

    I am on a VPS and my time zone is set correctly, for Los Angeles, CA however, my WHMCS shows a time +6 hours. Why won't WHMCS show the time set by the server? Please advise. Lance
  2. It there a time limit or a specific number of posts before one can post without being jailed in moderation ques? Lance
  3. Where do I set up the cron jobs for WHMCS? Lance
  4. Creative TaLantz

    Hourly Charges?

    How would I go about adding or can I add a billable item for my web design hours? I tried adding it at an item, but when changing the quantity I get multiples of the same item on the invoice, would prefer a single item showing quantity of hours that calculates accordingly. Anybody? Lance
  5. Three Questions from a newbie, 1. Is there a way to exempt the admin log-in from IP bans? 2. How does one get around this ban to continue modifying the WHMCS configurations? 3. What time is default for WHMCS (so I know how long this ban lasts)? Lance
  6. Creative TaLantz

    Hello WHMCS Community!

    @ WHMCS ChrisD Is there a number of posts, or just a time limit before I can interact with others? Lance
  7. Creative TaLantz

    Hello WHMCS Community!

    But I'm certain to have questions on you system... Lance
  8. Creative TaLantz

    Hello WHMCS Community!

    As it turns out a lil sleep and a lot of you tube surfing got me through... Thanks @WHMCS ChrisD
  9. Creative TaLantz

    Hello WHMCS Community!

    I'm Lance and I have an internet addiction... Anyway, joining for the primary reason, I've decidedly taken a leap off a cliff, er um I mean WAY outside my comfort zone in regards to web hosting. For almost a decade I've lived quietly under the Fatcow/Account Support umbrella, where it now appears I was initially wrongly advised as to how I should set-up my small 1 hole business. Having some 20 (small accounts) spread across 4 shared virtual servers. Now if anybody's been there done that, then you know that they (FC/AS) have a different "C-Panel" read ancient, and do not allow any facilitated access to the root, with the only exception being through FTP. I fancy myself as more of a user of code and software, and while I taught myself html back in the day, I never really got much farther than that. Using Hot Dog to build webpages then, and growing through DreamWeaver, finally landing somewhat comfortably in WordPress for the past few years. While I've figured out some minor hacks to get things where and when I wanted on my websites, I didn't really see a need to look outside. However, the decline of FC/A's support, has worn on me the last couple of years, mostly last year, until the other day when "somebody" changed the permissions on one of my shared servers, essentially making it invisible even to the support guys. After getting bumped to third tier a tech found it and turned it back on. All the 40 hours I dreaded the ensuing backlash from my clients. So I started looking at possible options for better, faster hosting and have begun building a new home with the folks over at IO Zoom on a Cloud VPS set-up. Kinda like going to a car dealer in a 78 Ford Pinto (Little ugly car for millennials) and driving off in a Panterra... Needless to say the inside of this Panterra, is honestly like a new parallel dimension in time space and all things Internet... And the thing that made me jump was the clever advertising that offered a fully managed server, with automated c-panel transfers... BUT, only if they're coming from a "c-panel" hosted site, yeah, FC/AS's panels didn't add up... Yeah, well, I've been known to be a lil impatient and thought, I can do this... I got as far as WHM, and found out it has a brother/sister named WHMCS, and found I had to create a bunch of packages and items in my currently imaginary store in my mind. I don't know where to find this new golden walled I-store yet, but it must be something since even following the documentation I fizzled out from fast burn to migraine and a beer, to sleep on it and try again. In more common terms I'm completely overwhelmed and need help, there I said it! While the guys at IO Zoom have been OVERLY patient in dealing with me, I found out just before sleeping on it that I must get my help from the support depart here at cousin WHMCS's place, so here I am hat in hand (er um - I'm not wearing a hat) seeking out PATIENT friends or "techs?" that might help an X-er get his new digs set to run those new high octane transfer rates. Anybody? Anybody at all really, feeling kinda alone on the new playground here. Somebody here (besides me) musta been the one to help the new kid at school right? Well, now I gotta wait, apparently theres a new kid quarantine I have to wait in like 12 hours, hopefully I'll meet ya when I get out. Lance
  10. Welcome to WHMCS.Community Creative TaLantz! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.


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