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  1. Hello fellow WHMCS community members and friends, i’m trying to add a new table section on my WHMCS templates specifically for Payment Details so that I can specify and outline the payment details / policy. So far I’ve been successful in creating a tabled version on the template that allows me to show three seperate Collins with three different sets of text relevant that I need to show. now I’m trying to add the payment summary/and payment terms/refund terms, however I can’t get the table settings correct. I’m hoping someone can provide an example? I require this to be seperate at the bottom of the invoice and not displayed as a “note” as I want to be able to style this accordingly as well. I know I can use the “notes” section on the invoice, however as I’ve said and specified this is not what I’m wanting to achieve. looking toward to what others have to say and there respective examples. Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Nicholas Sansom Global Group CEO & Managing Director Executive Services Division | Global Group California United States, 1968 S. Coast Hwy, Suite 5949, Laguna Beach, California Brisbane Australia, The Garden, 9/204 Alice Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000 Sydney Australia, 50 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 E Nicholas.Sansom@MyGlobalSolutionsGroup.com W www.MyGlobalSolutionsGroup.com USA/CA +1 800 318 9529 Australia 1300 310 456 Int 07 3130 2240 D 07 3130 2285 M 0456 884 864
  2. Hey brian!, I am waiting on the developer to update me as even adding a numerical value to the field "CLIENTCODE" did not display anything I even tested this feature with a whole new account setup twice. I shall keep you updated and thanks for all your help.
  3. Hi @brian!, You can see it's like this: However the field appears empty.
  4. Correct, I see no output in where I would expect to see the Account Number display. According to the the module "addon" developer, it should be viable anywhere within WHMCS.
  5. Hi @brian! and @Kian, Thanks, both for your input, I get what you are both saying and Brian, I was just using a default hook template to test my functionality before doing anything like styling etc. I have tried the above code to make this work, however, I still seem to get to output of the Client Account Number. Am I doing something incorrectly here?
  6. Hi @Kian, Thanks for that, it's perfect and now displays: However, it does not display the actual account number. Any ideas? Just so you know it works from: https://infinitycds.co.za/whmcs-module2/whmcs-account-number/ Kindest Regards, Nicholas Tae-Soo Sansom – Company Executive Officer Root Layer Technologies, The Gardens, Unit 9A, 204 Alice Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000
  7. Hi WHMCS Community, I am trying to display a WHMCS Client Account Number using a hook, I have the basic code as below: <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item; use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; add_hook('ClientAreaHomepagePanels', 1, function (Item $homePagePanels) { $client = Menu::context( "client" ); $fieldid = Capsule::table('tblcustomfields')->where('fieldname', 'Account Number')->where('type', 'client')->value('id'); $fieldvalue = Capsule::table('tblcustomfieldsvalues')->where('fieldid', $fieldid)->where('relid', $client->id)->value('value'); $bodyhtml = '<p>Your Account Number is '{$client_code}'.</p>'; $examplePanel = $homePagePanels->addChild( 'Account Number', array( 'label' => Lang::trans('Account Number'), 'icon' => 'fa-example', 'extras' => array( 'color' => 'red', 'btn-link' => '#', 'btn-text' => Lang::trans('Account Number'), 'btn-icon' => 'fa-plus', ), 'bodyHtml' => $bodyhtml <p>{$client_code}</p> )); }); However, nothing displays in the client area. Any help with this would be appreciated. Kindest Regards, Nicholas Tae-Soo Sansom – Company Executive Officer Root Layer Technologies, The Gardens, Unit 9A, 204 Alice Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000
  8. @spartanza @Jade D, There is a WHMCS module from @zomexand WHMCS Themes that does this, WHMCS Themes is called "SEO Manager" and Zomex is a page template you pay for called "SEO Enhancer". I am using the module from WHMCS Themes and it's working great. I found this to be the easiest fix for handling SEO. All the best. Kindest Regards, Nick.
  9. @Dean - ITDept.net, Best to contact the WHMPress team, if you purchased over codcanyon and have an active support package, they will help you. I had something similar done. Hope it helps you out. Kindest Regards, Nick.
  10. @brian!, This is just what I have been looking for, please mention me when you post the tutorial, I'd be really grateful as well. Thanks for sharing! Kindest Regards, Nick.
  11. Hi @Paul49, Depending on the OS you are using for your server, if you have SSH (commandline access) or if you are using just shared cPanel hosting (with no commandline access) If you are using cPanel please see my attached image, these are the Permission settings that I use. If you are using a Linux based server: chmod 755 If you need additional help, please feel free to PM me. Kindest Regards, Nick.
  12. @WHMCS ChrisD, I have fixed the CRON issue. The cron was failing as it had been added twice odly enough. Can confirm that the hotfix is working. Kindest Regards, Nick.
  13. @ChristianB, Are you a cPanel/WHM reseller or are you running your own dedicated or VPS server? I configure all of my cPanel/WHM Servers like this;
  14. Hi @Paul49, Welcome to WHMCS! What a great automation tool for managing everything! Have you tried 755? Regards, Nick.
  15. HI @WHMCS ChrisD, Forgive me, it's been a while, can't remember how to force run the Cron. If you can tell me, that would be very helpful 🙂 I have also set the cron to run every 1 min for testing this hotfix only. Kindest Regards, Nick.
  16. Hi @WHMCS John @WHMCS Lawrence, I have applied the hotfix, though it's still not working. Any ideas here team? Kindest Regards, Nick.
  17. Welcome, @Natarajan Ramanathan to the WHMCS Community. Can't wait to see what you may develop.
  18. Hi @Farhadx, You may find this is what your looking for: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3010 Kind Regards, Nick.
  19. Hi @joez, It is 100-% possible to allow the sale of hosting services and other related services with the client using a sub-domain or their own domain. Step 1. Login to your whmcs admin area example: yourdomain.com/admin (note if you have renamed the default admin directory you will need to use your admin URL path) Step 2. Navigate to Setup --> Products/Services --> Products/Services Step 3. Select an already existing product/service or click "Create a New Product. Step 4. Ensure that the option to enforce the selection for Required Domain is ticked under the Details tab, as can be seen in this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/i2k7qt Step 5. Select from the selection of tab options on the top "Other" (screenshot: http://prntscr.com/i2k8j1) Step 6. Insert your subdomain options; screenshot here: http://prntscr.com/i2kdvh you can add as many as you want and the best part is for adding multiple subdomains all you need to do is add a comma "," <-- like so Step 7. Save Changes Client view: http://prntscr.com/i2kf88 All the best of luck. Kind Regards, Nick.
  20. Hi @SeanC, WHMCS has s[ome truly great functionality inside of it, automation handling processes as well as automating email notifications after the product has been provisioned. In regards to your question, the best place to check for third party WHMCS modules is the WHMCS Market Place you can find heaps of great third-party modules. If you want to take a look around a WHMCs system, please PM me and I would be more than happy to show you around one of my WHMCS systems that has some custom parts as well as run down and go through how you can automate more than just shared hosting. Kind Regards, Nick.
  21. Hello @Chaddeus You can easily integrate WHMCS and WordPress using: WHMCS Bridge Pro by i-plugins: https://i-plugins.com/ have used it myself, it's perfect and works a treat. There are other modules out there as well and depending on how much functionality you require you can find plenty on the web, or just ask in the forums. If you have any other questions about WHMCS, more than happy to help. I like to think I am a bit of an expert as I have been using WHMCS since V4 maybe even V3 so quite some time. Kind Regards, Nick.
  22. The best solution to the issue your having is to checkout Modules Garden and also purchase the WHMCS Project Management addon. You may also find some really great modules here: https://marketplace.whmcs.com for helping with the billing as well as timing side of things when it comes to working on a project. Kind Regards, Nick.
  23. In order to setup cron jobs for WHMCS, it would depend on your particular WHMCS setup. For example, if you host on a cPanel server you can easily setup cron jobs from the "Advanced" tab in cPanel you will see "Cron Jobs" as pictured here: http://prntscr.com/i0p0cv you can then select the tab and you will see: http://prntscr.com/i0p0zx enter an email to receive cron job notifications. Below you will see the option to add the cron job: http://prntscr.com/i0p1kn if you follow this here: https://docs.whmcs.com/Cron_Configuration WHMCS has put together all the info you need as well as a video tutorial. If you need additional assistance, just ask. Kind Regards, Nick.
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