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  1. Douglas Ruiz

    Problem on Version: 7.7.0

    After many messages with whmcs they still say its a problem on my hosting but with 7.6 works perfectly, i checked verify.php from a nulled version with 7.7 and worked. however now i know you can't count with whmcs since they always find another reason to say the problem wasnt on their files and yes on your hosting / installation. i've tried reinstall many times directly from my hosting, downloading files from whmcs website and every time the same problem with 7.7 and not with 7.6
  2. Douglas Ruiz

    Problem on Version: 7.7.0

    so you don't use 7.7 or don't use licensing addon, because i contacted they and they don't find a solution yet for this problem. only work well on 7.6
  3. Douglas Ruiz

    Problem on Version: 7.7.0

    The problem still there, i get a development licensing addon and tested on last build 7.7 you can see on image above.
  4. Douglas Ruiz

    Problem on Version: 7.7.0

    when you updated?
  5. Douglas Ruiz

    Problem on Version: 7.7.0

    we have many servers working, if we update it and stop work all they will down. if is the same update as i did before will be the same thing. you use licensing addon too? because the problem was with licensing addon who don't send the customfields data.
  6. Douglas Ruiz

    Problem on Version: 7.7.0

    They fixed it ? now send customfields values?
  7. Douglas Ruiz

    Problem on Version: 7.7.0

    don't send custom fields informations, at previous version 7.6.2 send fine. we changed back to 7.6.2 since can't use a version with this fault.
  8. I use licensing addon from whmcs, after update to Version: 7.7.0 whmcs stopped send <customfields> on post to check a license.
  9. Douglas Ruiz

    Use lang tags at php not tpl

    solved using $_LANG['string']
  10. Douglas Ruiz

    About licensingaddon.status

    Already are working, thanks.
  11. I created a custom page but i'm not using .tpl, i coded all messages directly on .php. so i need call the lang variables direclty from .php for example: $ca->setPageTitle('{$LANG.Gerador_TXT1}'); but .php displayt it as text, don't get the value from lang file. How i can do it without use a .tpl file?
  12. Douglas Ruiz

    About licensingaddon.status

    I have licensing addon module from WHMCS, On managelicense.tpl $status always show as Active, if i request a new service already will show as Active, only the Status of Service show right at page clientarea.php?action=services. But Status of Licensing addon always show as Active, Status on AMIN panel can be Reissued, Expired, etc. always show as Active.
  13. Douglas Ruiz

    About licensingaddon.status

    I have the module licensing manager My question is on managelicense.tpl file because {$LANG.licensingaddon.status} always return Active, if a customer ask for a new service who isn't setup already show as active.
  14. I'm having this problem when click on Message Preview. On old versions before new i don't have this problem. Solution?
  15. Somebody can tell me where i change this tpl template? I have licesing addon module.

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