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  1. @chris74 I agree ... the problem I have is that tax deduction doesn't work and wrong invoices are created for customers outside of the EU. If a new customer is ordering and creating a new account while ordering the default tax (in my case 20%) isn't deducted if the client is changing the country to another one where tax shouldn't be applied. These are the steps: New Customer adds product to cart Customer is NOT using the "estimate taxes" button to recalculate the price for his/her country Customer is creating the account during the order process and changes the country to one where the taxes should be deducted Invoice gets generated with the full price; price + tax instead of the price without tax. I have already created a support ticket and WHMCS support was able to replicate the issue on their end. I hope this is going to be fixed soon.
  2. @Chris74 I do have the exact same issue. Do you mind sharing the code changes for making the VAT calculation appearing more prominent? Thanks
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