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  1. Bear with me as I try to explain what's happened/happening... I have two clients who want to use PayPal to pay for their services. For one it works fine, but for the other it's becoming and unmitigated nightmare. They logged in and setup PayPal when they received a domain renewal invoice; that duly got paid. When their next monthly invoice was issued, it didn't get paid. I spoke with PayPal directly about this, as I was confused - they advised that an additional subscription would be needed in order to pay monthly invoices in addition to the existing subscription which will pay the yearly domain renewals. I asked my client to log in once more, click the 'Pay Now' button when in their client area and once again link PayPal to their account. This they did. That one bill was paid, but no new subscription has been created. So when their next monthly bill is issued shortly, it will once again be subjected to reminder emails - which will understandably infuriate them, and me. What the hell have I/they done wrong, for this to not work as expected? I can't keep asking them to log in and add their PayPal details, blah blah blah. I'm currently thinking of just withdrawing PayPal as a payment method, as it seems crazy that any customer would need to go through this process multiple times depending on how many services they take. Help please, before I go totally crazy!
  2. Hi John, thanks for replying. So whilst I have indeed used your module to integrate GA4 within my WHMCS installation; I'm looking to add extra information from WHMCS to GA through 'enhanced ecommerce', which appears to require additional code within WHMCS to pass this data. This is where I'm struggling to proceed; hence reaching out here for help.
  3. Whilst GA4 is relatively new, I'm surprised to not be able to find much talk, let alone any references, on how to include the necessary data layer events within WHMCS' order form template files. What little I have found is so very out-of-date and no longer applicable (that I can see, anyway). So, looking at https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/ga4/ecommerce#purchase as a starter, I can't work out how to include this example (including the example data, as I want to see it working) in /orderforms/standard_cart/complete.tpl. Then, of course, is ensuring that my order-specific data replaces that of Google's example. So, the short question here is - how do we include Google Analytics events within WHMCS template files? Has no-one here done this (recently, so that it is still relevant to WMCS v8 and/or GA4)? I don't suppose @brian! can offer some insight here? As always, thanks for any help provided.
  4. Thanks for the reply @steven99; I'll try to make sense of this! It's all new to me so doesn't make immediate sense to me (so this is a good starter for me).
  5. Hey all Has anyone yet got GA4 ecommerce working within WHMCS? I'm trying to find out how the new version of Google Analytics reports on ecommerce transactions (previously it was enabled automatically from what I can see - although I have no direct experience of this). Do I need to add some additional code within WHMCS templates to pass this information to GA, or is that not required? There appears to be a big knowledge base gap in here, not just on whmcs.com but everywhere - no-one seems to have discussed or documented anything! Thanks in advance Matt
  6. Hey all On my WHMCS portal homepage beneath the domain search box I have 3 domain logos showing (ignore the sizing issue!) as per the below screenshot. However, when I click through to the pricing page I have all of my Spotlight TLDs visible, as per the second screenshot. My question is what controls which TLDs are shown on the homepage? Why is WHMCS showing only 3 (and those particular 3) on the homepage? Thanks Matt
  7. Thanks for this @steven99; I've successfully got a fully-working test instance now. I've never used git, or any version controlling before, but I'm aware I probably should. I just "don't know what I don't know" nor where to start. Can you offer any pointers on how to get started - specifically for customising WHMCS and using git/etc to push these changes live? Thanks Matt
  8. You absolute legend @brian!; thank you!
  9. Howdy! In a previous thread I started a while back, @brian! was good enough to touch on creating a dev environment from a live instance, but I thought I'd start a new thread so that this can stay very much on-topic, away from the previous email discusion. My live and dev environments are in very different states; I really haven't been very good at keeping dev up with live, so any testing I have done has been almost pointless - and I want to correct that. So, my question is - what's the best/correct/easiest/most thorough way to create a dev instance? Then, how do you use your dev? Do you make every change in dev, test it to-death, and only then replicate that change in live? And how do you replicate that change, do you simply re-type whatever you did in dev into live, or do you do something more automated/clever? So many questions in my head, but it's one of those 'I don't know what I don't know' scenarios, so simply don't know where to start. Thanks in advance everyone. Matt
  10. Hey all! I'm not sure when this started happening, so I can't track this back to a particular upgrade/change, but in the footer of the non-admin side of WHMCS I have "["\r\n" showing in the bottom left of every public-facing page of WHMCS. It appears immediately below the dark-coloured footer in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. I can't find what's causing this to appear so can't remove it. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing it, or how to track it down? Thanks Matt
  11. Hello all I'm surprised that this doesn't appear to be have been quoted / commented on more than it has, as I'd suspect it affects far more than just the handful to raise their hands so far. When a client is logged into their WHMCS-based account, they have the ability to SSO to their cPanel-based account, a great hand-off from one platform to another. Unfortunately what doesn't happen is the domain name remaining the same - so client starts their journey at https://myhostingbrand.com/client and then is passed into cPanel at https://servername.myresellerbrand.com:2083 This breaks the whitelabelling nature of being a reseller and exposes domain names that can lead to confusion with the end client. @WHMCS Peter has documented that this is possible, and a Feature request has been created. If you also experience this (or even if you don't!) it would be great to get the "I like this idea" count up and try to bring this development forward, so that everyone who uses WHMCS with cPanel can enhance the reselling experience for their clients. Thanks Matt
  12. How very strange! It was only the "Invoice Created" template that was being silly, all others worked fine. Whilst the checkbox for sending plain text wasn't checked (the rich-text editor was showing), I ticked it, saved and then sent an email - it was received as plaint text. I then unchecked the box and re-sent an email; BINGO...html received. All very odd. Thank you once again @brian! and also @ShaunR for your contributions and helping me solve this one 🙂
  13. So, I have checked - there is *no* html in the received email message at all. I haven't checked all, admittedly only one. I'll check that now. But I have checked the 'plain text' option and it is unticked (i.e. to send html).
  14. Right, OK, so I didn’t (confession time) copy the DB; I created a new one. Would that be the better approach then, to duplicate production instead? I’ll check that there is no html when I’m back with my laptop in a bit, but I am *pretty* confident that there isn’t (I had a fleeting glance a while ago). If I were to now duplicate the production DB, what are the things to watch out for? Obviously need to remove real email addresses from clients, update image defences, etc. Anything else?
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