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  1. I have a client who is a terrible payer, but that's my issue to live with or otherwise. However, when they don't pay a particular invoice on time and the next one is issued before they paid the last, I'd like to include the unpaid invoice with the newly issued one - so that their newly issued invoice is for amount x 2 (last plus current). How can this be done without manual intervention, if at all?
  2. thisismatt

    Cron job failure email notification

    Well that sounds entirely sensible then Peter, thank you 🙂 If it does happen again, I'll absolutely try what you've suggested above and raise the ticket. Thanks for your input and clarification.
  3. thisismatt

    Cron job failure email notification

    Took me a while to get this done, sorry. So, the result was a full report on screen of the cron job running, plus the daily email to me; no errors showing in either. Does that suggest that what I received a few days ago was a one-off and shouldn't give it another thought, unless it happens again?
  4. I too have the Crons directory outside of the public_html folder, yet the permissions continue to change when using the automated update process.
  5. thisismatt

    Unable to get Apple Pay to work

    OK, so it turns out it's something REALLY simple! The instructions in Stripe tell you to add just the domain (or any subdomain you'll be using) to their Dashboard, as per the attached screenshot. Well, sometimes you also need to add the www prefix too! All sorted and working now, at last. Thanks everyone for their input. @malfunction; thanks for the above - I'll have a look and see what to tweak to make it a little more fitting too.
  6. For the past few upgrades my piping has failed on me, instead of me receiving notifications of a new support ticket being raised, a delivery failure is sent to my client. It turns out that at each upgrade, the permissions for pipe are changed from 755. It would seem that this has long been known about, yet continues to happen. Does anyone have any knowledge as to when this will be fixed? Thanks Matt
  7. Hi everyone At 23.45 yesterday I received an email from Cron with the following content - [Illuminate\Database\QueryException] SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1615 Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared (SQL: update `tbltask_status` set `last_run` = 2018-09-08 22:45:03, `updated_at` = 2018-09-08 22:45:03 where `id` = 20) [PDOException] SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1615 Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared all [-F|--force] [--email-report [EMAIL-REPORT]] Alas none of this means anything to me, can anyone offer guidance on what I should be doing? Thanks.
  8. thisismatt

    Unable to get Apple Pay to work

    Just tried, it continues to fail. It sure is, yes. I've raised to support; they've been fantastic with other queries I've raised to them, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed here!
  9. thisismatt

    Unable to get Apple Pay to work

    I'm now using a customised template (I say customised, it's actually a child of Six), but yes to both. I suspect you may well be right about contacting support; the suggestion certainly is that it should work 'out of the box' but it isn't for me. Shall get in touch now and update the thread with their response.
  10. thisismatt

    Unable to get Apple Pay to work

    So, despite having changed the order form template, the checkout page continues to not show Apple Pay as an option; just the option to use a saved credit/debit card or enter new details. @malfunction, thanks for your response too; when I get to the point of actually having Apple Pay appear, I'll have a look at making those tweaks you've suggested. Presumably you do have AP working already, hence the comment, did you have to do anything special to get it working?
  11. thisismatt

    Unable to get Apple Pay to work

    Thank you Brian! I hadn’t seen the point about it not working on those templates. You are a star, thank you!
  12. thisismatt

    Unable to get Apple Pay to work

    Imagine my delight when I see that someone has replied to my plea for help, only to discover that their reply is their only post to the community and it’s asking me to WhatsApp them, rather than help a community of WHMCS users 😞 I wonder if @brian! knows anything that’ll help?
  13. Hi there I'm trying to get Apple Pay to be an option for my customers, without success. The steps I have taken are as follows - Within WHMCS: Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways > Manage Existing Gateways > Allow Apple Pay is ticked Within Stripe: Payments > Apple Pay > Domain entered and file hosted (confirmed correct by Stripe support) When I create an ad-hoc invoice to myself (a test account/client in WHMCS) and view the invoice and proceed to checkout on either my Mac or iPhone with Safari I never see the prompt to use Apple Pay (it is setup and fully functioning on both devices). Stripe support can only confirm that my setup with them is correct. I'm not sure else I need to do - despite doing numerous searches, I don't seem to find anything that suggests I need to make changes. Can anyone help?
  14. After much discussion on here and with my registrar (Heart), it was established that for WHMCS to manage my domain renewals properly I should set their status within Heart’s control panel to be “Cancel at renewal” (ie don’t try to renew) and instead allow WHMCS to invoke the renewal command. so that was all done, yet two domains failed to renew yesterday - and no domain renewal notifications were even issued, despite the option to not renew being unticked (ie it should allow renewal to take place). i have no idea why WHMCS didn’t even attempt to renew these domains, nor even to find out why it didn’t. how do I start working through this? thanks.
  15. Hello everyone I'm wondering if there is an optimum size (dimensions, not in KB) of the company logo which is saved at assets/img/logo.png? I've searched a few times on Google and on here and haven't found a post that seems to suggest either way - so opening it up to you lovely folks on here Thanks Matt

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