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  1. Hi Anwar, thanks for the reply. Do you know what Registrars support this functionality? I use eNom and Nominet, and enabling this with the toggle seems to make no difference within my client's accounts.
  2. Can someone point me in the direction of guidance on what this does, or explain it in here? I've read the WHMCS Docs article but am none the wiser about what this toggle switch does. Thanks! Matt
  3. That's exactly what I needed to do! I did know that solution as I've used it before, but could I think of it yesterday? Hell no! Thank you very much @pRieStaKos
  4. I'm sure this is a really simple thing to do, but I have zero idea how to make it happen. Sorry! I have an existing client who is billed monthly for certain products. They've now taken anther product which is also billed monthly and I would like this new product to fall into line with the existing billing routine (one bill, one payment - far easier). But, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do this. Is anyone willing/able to guide me on this so that my head stops hurting as I try to figure it out?!
  5. Hello all Strange topic here, but the basics of it are I don't recall how I previously integrated Clickatell's SMS platform into WHMCS ages ago! I have a Clickatell account which has an API listed as being for WHMCS - and I recall testing this functionality many years ago, but the functionality itself is no longer in my WHCMS instance - but I can't remember what functionality it was! (And unfortunately Clickatell's platform doesn't give me any clues). Does anyone here use Clickatell with their WHCMS instance? If so, what's your method of integration for the two? Thansks all!
  6. Evening all If, like me, you've used the WHMCS-inbuilt Fraudlabs Pro functionality, you may well have found a flaw which (I think) needs correcting. WHMCS doesn't pass the client address to Fraudlabs as the "shipping address", which results in Fraudlabs raising the risk level of the transaction and, in my client's case, flagging it as fraud. Having discussed this with Fraudlabs it seems that *all* that's needed is for WHMCS to pass the address as the "shipping address" (as well as billing) and all will be good. If you're also in this boat, it would be fab if you can use your Feature Request votes here - https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/send-shipping-address-to-fraudlabs Thanks Matt
  7. I asked 🙂 Yes, I pre-empted that with an explanation. I always find being honest helps understanding! Bingo, thanks Brian; didn't think of that - changing the registrar! If WHMCS doesn't know where it's registered, then it can't do anything! So yes, manual payment, 'disable' registrar functionality for a short time during the transfer, then re-enable once transfer is complete and then allow domain sync to update WHMCS once all the background stuff has completed. You, as ever, are brilliant. Thank you.
  8. Trying to word a title succinctly isn't always an easy thing! Scenario is this: my client's domain is due for renewal very shortly. Before they renew it I'm going to move it to another registrar, which will automatically extend the registration by 1 year, so I don't want to then further renew it on this occasion - but I still need to bill the client for the extra year (i.e. so that they don't see any material change - their domain is (to their eyes) renewed and they've paid for it. How on earth do I achieve this?!
  9. Hey all I have a few clients who don't host either websites or email with me, just using my domain registration services and have me manage their DNS for them. Historically though, they have had one, or both, of their site/email with me, so I need to do some housekeeping! I found this post giving one example of how to manage these clients within WHMCS effectively, which would deal with onboarding a new 'DNS only' client and tidy up those existing clients. The post though is nearly 6 years old; has anyone else got any other ways to handle this scenario - which is creating a WHMCS account for a client who doesn't need web or email hosting, but their DNS records need to be managed. Thanks Matt
  10. Bear with me as I try to explain what's happened/happening... I have two clients who want to use PayPal to pay for their services. For one it works fine, but for the other it's becoming and unmitigated nightmare. They logged in and setup PayPal when they received a domain renewal invoice; that duly got paid. When their next monthly invoice was issued, it didn't get paid. I spoke with PayPal directly about this, as I was confused - they advised that an additional subscription would be needed in order to pay monthly invoices in addition to the existing subscription which will pay the yearly domain renewals. I asked my client to log in once more, click the 'Pay Now' button when in their client area and once again link PayPal to their account. This they did. That one bill was paid, but no new subscription has been created. So when their next monthly bill is issued shortly, it will once again be subjected to reminder emails - which will understandably infuriate them, and me. What the hell have I/they done wrong, for this to not work as expected? I can't keep asking them to log in and add their PayPal details, blah blah blah. I'm currently thinking of just withdrawing PayPal as a payment method, as it seems crazy that any customer would need to go through this process multiple times depending on how many services they take. Help please, before I go totally crazy!
  11. Hi John, thanks for replying. So whilst I have indeed used your module to integrate GA4 within my WHMCS installation; I'm looking to add extra information from WHMCS to GA through 'enhanced ecommerce', which appears to require additional code within WHMCS to pass this data. This is where I'm struggling to proceed; hence reaching out here for help.
  12. Whilst GA4 is relatively new, I'm surprised to not be able to find much talk, let alone any references, on how to include the necessary data layer events within WHMCS' order form template files. What little I have found is so very out-of-date and no longer applicable (that I can see, anyway). So, looking at https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/ga4/ecommerce#purchase as a starter, I can't work out how to include this example (including the example data, as I want to see it working) in /orderforms/standard_cart/complete.tpl. Then, of course, is ensuring that my order-specific data replaces that of Google's example. So, the short question here is - how do we include Google Analytics events within WHMCS template files? Has no-one here done this (recently, so that it is still relevant to WMCS v8 and/or GA4)? I don't suppose @brian! can offer some insight here? As always, thanks for any help provided.
  13. Thanks for the reply @steven99; I'll try to make sense of this! It's all new to me so doesn't make immediate sense to me (so this is a good starter for me).
  14. Hey all Has anyone yet got GA4 ecommerce working within WHMCS? I'm trying to find out how the new version of Google Analytics reports on ecommerce transactions (previously it was enabled automatically from what I can see - although I have no direct experience of this). Do I need to add some additional code within WHMCS templates to pass this information to GA, or is that not required? There appears to be a big knowledge base gap in here, not just on whmcs.com but everywhere - no-one seems to have discussed or documented anything! Thanks in advance Matt
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