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  1. Hello all I'm surprised that this doesn't appear to be have been quoted / commented on more than it has, as I'd suspect it affects far more than just the handful to raise their hands so far. When a client is logged into their WHMCS-based account, they have the ability to SSO to their cPanel-based account, a great hand-off from one platform to another. Unfortunately what doesn't happen is the domain name remaining the same - so client starts their journey at https://myhostingbrand.com/client and then is passed into cPanel at https://servername.myresellerbrand.com:2083 This breaks the whitelabelling nature of being a reseller and exposes domain names that can lead to confusion with the end client. @WHMCS Peter has documented that this is possible, and a Feature request has been created. If you also experience this (or even if you don't!) it would be great to get the "I like this idea" count up and try to bring this development forward, so that everyone who uses WHMCS with cPanel can enhance the reselling experience for their clients. Thanks Matt
  2. How very strange! It was only the "Invoice Created" template that was being silly, all others worked fine. Whilst the checkbox for sending plain text wasn't checked (the rich-text editor was showing), I ticked it, saved and then sent an email - it was received as plaint text. I then unchecked the box and re-sent an email; BINGO...html received. All very odd. Thank you once again @brian! and also @ShaunR for your contributions and helping me solve this one πŸ™‚
  3. So, I have checked - there is *no* html in the received email message at all. I haven't checked all, admittedly only one. I'll check that now. But I have checked the 'plain text' option and it is unticked (i.e. to send html).
  4. Right, OK, so I didn’t (confession time) copy the DB; I created a new one. Would that be the better approach then, to duplicate production instead? I’ll check that there is no html when I’m back with my laptop in a bit, but I am *pretty* confident that there isn’t (I had a fleeting glance a while ago). If I were to now duplicate the production DB, what are the things to watch out for? Obviously need to remove real email addresses from clients, update image defences, etc. Anything else?
  5. I have indeed Brian, yes; that's the last thing I did after flicking between all the various tabs to compare checkboxes, etc.
  6. Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've had a problem I couldn't resolve; but I am back! In my production system client emails are all sent in html, which is all fine & dandy. However, in my dev system they are not. I have gone through all settings that I can readily see, to make sure that dev matches production βœ… I'm lost as to what could be causing this disparity. Any ideas please? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚
  7. πŸ˜‚ What are you trying to suggest?! lol
  8. I don't know at this stage. You'll note from my original post that it was a query about whether this already can be done, so it's very much a thought at this stage. How it could be executed within the parameters of WHMCS is up for debate (by people way above my pay grade). Nope, I don't believe you are. But I don't believe this sort of 'de-duping' is beyond the realms of capability of WHMCS; based on what it already does. Yes, but things can be missed; we're all only mere mortals.
  9. 1) Someone transfers a domain to your TAG (accidentally, mistype) and you aren't aware until Nominet charge your account. 2) Identifying mismatches between domains you *think* you have and *actually* have There's two uses straight away. You can have domains on your TAG that aren't in WHMCS; hence my question/suggestion.
  10. Hey all πŸ‘‹ Nominet has a setting within TAGs to allow automatic transfers of domains to your TAG, or only upon handshake. I assume that this handshake option applies to EPP software (in my case WHMCS). So my question is does WHMCS allow for the 'polling' of TAGs to check for domains on a TAG and what's configured within WHMCS itself? I haven't seen anything within the options so assume not, but would appreciate thoughts / comments on this before I perhaps raise a request for this.
  11. Thanks πŸ™‚ Let's hope that it gets the votes it deserves πŸ™‚
  12. Thanks @whmcs-peter I've raised this and it's now awaiting moderation. https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/support-tickets-ability-to-remove-or-cc-main-client-if-clients-sub-contact-is-issue-raiser Not sure why I couldn't properly tag you in this 😐
  13. A number of searches on here and on Google haven't given me the response I'm trying to find, so think this may be a newly posed query (which I struggle to believe!). My client John has two team members, one of whom is particularly IT-challenged πŸ˜‚ In WHMCS I have John as the main client contact and two additional contacts created for his team. Is there a way to ensure that tickets are sent *to* the individual who the ticket has been raised for whilst *ccing* the main contact, rather than having John being *to'd* on each and every email? Yes he'll want to know what's going on, but only by way of CC - I know a lot of people pay more attention where they are in the 'to' field versus being in the 'cc'. Thanks.
  14. Understood! I have already moved them over to my TAG yes πŸ™‚ This was the final piece of the jigsaw!
  15. All done, with a slight tweak - UPDATE tbldomains SET registrar = 'nominet' WHERE domain like '%.uk' Thanks once again @brian!
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