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  1. Hai Brian!! I would like to thank you for your great post, I've referred and implemented the same, But my query is discount should not apply on configurable options and setup fees. Ex: Product name: abc - $50.00 USD Configurable Options: Extra CPU - $10.00 USD Setup Fee: $10.00 USD Total Amount: $70.00 USD If discount 20% has been added to product "abc" - discount is applying on total amount of that product , I wish to do that discount should apply only on product/services not includes on configurable options and setup fees..., Could you please help me on this part.. Thank you,
  2. Apologies.., I would like to add discount on base product/services, discount should not apply on configurable options like Additional IP's, RAM, CPU etc...
  3. I want to add the discount on products/service and calculates the total amount of product/service, discount would be applies only on product/service not on addon services and setup fees, could anyone plz help me out on this..?
  4. Hello! Everyone.., I've added sample addon module in whmcs and there i've created the discount form under addon module...,I want to get product lists.., you can see in attached file Kindly help me on this... thank you
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