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  1. @Juanzo Did you ever figure out how to rewrite the hook to see active services?
  2. Thanks for this hook. I cannot believe WHMCS hasn't fixed that yet 😕
  3. Oh... you are right, this is lagom, not six/21. I thought it was the same but I guess not!
  4. Thank you @brian! indeed that fixed it. The code of serverstatus.tpl changed a bit so here it is if someone needs the latest version : <tbody>{if $myservers|count gt 0} {foreach from=$servers key=num item=server} {if $server.name|in_array:$myservers} <tr> <td>{$server.name}</td> <td class="text-center" id="port80_{$num}"> <div class="loader">{include file="$template/includes/loader.tpl" classes="spinner-sm"}</div> </td> <td class="text-center" id="port21_{$num}"> <div class="loader">{include file="$template/includes/loader.tpl" classes="spinner-sm"}</div> </td> <td class="text-center" id="port110_{$num}"> <div class="loader">{include file="$template/includes/loader.tpl" classes="spinner-sm"}</div> </td> <td class="text-center"> <a href="{$server.phpinfourl}" target="_blank">{$LANG.serverstatusphpinfo}</a> </td> <td class="text-center" id="load{$num}"> <div class="loader">{include file="$template/includes/loader.tpl" classes="spinner-sm"}</div> </td> <td class="text-center" id="uptime{$num}"> <div class="loader">{include file="$template/includes/loader.tpl" classes="spinner-sm"}</div> <script>function checkLsPort(num, port) { WHMCS.http.jqClient.post('serverstatus.php', 'ping=1&num=' + num + '&port=' + port, function(data) { var str = data; var res = str.replace("assets/img", "templates/lagom/assets/img/serverstatus"); res = res.replace("gif", "svg"); jQuery("#port" + port + "_" + num).html(res); }); } jQuery(document).ready(function() { checkLsPort({$num}, 80); checkLsPort({$num}, 21); checkLsPort({$num}, 110); getStats({$num}); });</script> </td> </tr> {/if} {/foreach} {else} <tr> <td colspan="7">{$LANG.serverstatusnoservers}</td> </tr> {/if} </tbody>
  5. Hello @brian! and all, With the latest upgrade (well, a few months ago), that little script stopped working. Has anyone succeeded in fixing it or implementing another way to display only the relevant server to the client? Thanks!
  6. Update... oh no I just found that 🙄
  7. Hello, I thought someone would have ran into the same issue before me but I can't find any previous thread regarding that issue. I'm trying to update some TLDs prices for past and current orders (for example, change the price of .me to 9.99 from 7.99 for every order, new and renew). Some of these TLDs are free for those clients who have an hosting plan (using the WHMCS free domain promotion) and therefore appear as "Recurring Amount = 0" in the client account. Now, I was hoping that using WHMCS bulk pricing updater, the price of these free domains would not be updated... but that is not the case. Running the updater upgrades all orders, and these previously free domains now appear as "Recurring Amount = 9.99) Questions: - Do I need to go back and edit these to 0 manually or (and I've read the WHMCS doc but I'm still confused) will WHMCS just not invoice these domains as long as they are still attached to the hosting plan (i.e. regardless of what's written in "recurring amount" box). - If I need to adjust all these free domains manually, I understand a better way to go at it would be to only adjust prices for domains with the "specific price" criteria (using my exemple, I'd only update prices for .me domains with a 7.99 price). Is that right? Given that we have many many domains, I'm a bit worry I might miss updating the domain price of some old clients with an odd price. Sorry for the long thread/question and thanks again for your help! Current Price
  8. That is the way I have it configured right now. But hoping I can split some of the addons (not just the ones given as exemple) to simplify the offer (by removing some redundancy - if that makes any sense :)
  9. Thanks to both of you for your help. I'm going to try the ShoppingCartValidateCheckout route. Maybe as @brian! suggests, I'll try to get a hook to add addon A if B is present. Will come back if I'm stuck again 🙂
  10. Hello 🙂 Is there a way in WHMCS to make purchasing an addon a required step in order to pick another addon. I'm sure I'm being clear, so here is an exemple : Addon A is "Server configuration" Addon B is "Server management" For the client to be able to order Addon B (Server management), he needs to also have Addon A in his cart. I can't find a good way to do that... Maybe there is another way to takle that problem? Thanks for your help !
  11. Thanks Brian, yes it's from WHMCS. Will contact this company directly and see if they can help 🙂
  12. Hello, Is there an option in WHMCS to show activation time according to payment option (see attached image)? Or is this custom? Thanks!
  13. Thank you Brian, that's a potential solution for now, but it does remove the EPP field on the transfer page when I uncheck the box. I'll try with a regular cart template maybe.
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