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    chicken or egg??

    Thanks everyone, I did a manual update after allowing the cloudways server to auto-update to 7.2 with ioncube 10.x - hopefully I won't get into this dependency conundrum again. I did test the upgrade on a staging server first using a dev licence (thanks John and the support team) and all seemed to go well It also gave me an opportunity to upgrade all of my addons and integrations to their latest versions as well Slow and steady wins the race apparently... Happy camper.
  2. rangestech

    chicken or egg??

    Thanks John, I'll do that right now, cheers.
  3. rangestech

    chicken or egg??

    Thanks Marcus - I think the problem is that the automated cloudways update scripts don't separate the ioncube update from the PHP version upgrade - the new ioncube 10 version support comes when you upgrade to PHP7.2! Hence the title of my request! I've created a staging server instance so will try it there first - is there any way to get around the license not valid issue to keep my production system running whilst I update the staging clone? Does WHMCS have staging licenses?
  4. rangestech

    chicken or egg??

    I thought that might be the case - thanks I'll have a crack at a manual update
  5. Hi team, I'm hosting WHMCS on a cloudways server that's been at PHP 7.0 and ioncube 6.x for some time - I'm running WHMCS 7.4.2 I'm looking to update to the latest 7.6 version though I have some concerns with the procedure - do I update the server first to 7.2 and ioncube 10.x and perform a manual update of the WHMCS installation - or attempt the update of WHMCS first and then update the server?? Any guidance would be welcomed!
  6. rangestech

    Email Piping and G Suite Groups

    Thanks Chris, Yeah ended up using a Cpanel account and a different domain... I'm sure there's probably a way to write a Google script to automate it but probably not worth the effort. Thanks for the response.
  7. rangestech

    Email Piping and G Suite Groups

    Has anyone actually got email piping working with Google Groups?? Perhaps a script that conditionally forwards mail sent to specific groups??
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